name: Henly Hewan
deck name: Magical Lock-Down
City and State: Brooklyn N.Y.
# of participants: 20
date: August 11, 2002

Basicaly at the tournament i went to it consisted of duelist with no rhythim to their decks they just put together the strongest cards they could find. The first round was very simple because i went up against a person who was very nervous and he kept messing up so i was able to take him out 2-0. My second duel i encountered for the first time a person who used bistro butcher and i thanked  him for using it because i was able to pick up a few extra cards.  The main reason why i beat all these people so far was because they have huge 50-60 card decks. My deck contains only 41 cards so i  can pull combos faster.  So in the final round my streak of victories were shattered by a simple Lord of  deck, till this day i still dont understand how i lost to a simple deck like that. However i was able to win second place with this deck out of 20 people who entered so im pritty shure its a good deck.

3x Man-Eater Bug
2x Mystical Elf
2x Neo The Magis Swordsman
2x La Jin The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp
2x Summoned Skull
2x Wall of illusion
1x Muka-Muka
1x Magician Of Faith
1x Witch Of The Black Forest
1x Hane-Hane
1x Mask Of Darkness
1x Aqua Mador
1x Kuriboh
1x Shadow Ghoul
1x Stern Mystic
1x Big Eye


2x Fissure
2x Swords Of Revealing light
1x Change Of Heart
1x Heavy Storm
1x pot of greed
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Raigeki


2x Reinforcements
2x Traphole
1x Dragon Capture Jar
1x Horn Of Heaven
1x Reverse Trap
1x Magic jammer
1x seven tools of the bandit
1x Mirror Force

Total: 41 or 42 not shure