Duelist Name:ToonMokuba
Location:Gamers Illusion
City/State:Brooklyn, New York
Ending Rank:3rd
Participants:About 20
Prize That I won: 3 Tournament Packs and $5 store credit.
Date:Saturday, August 10th, 2002
Starting Time:2:00pm
Ending Time:7:00

Its finally here! The 1st first OFFICIAL day of the Duelist King Tournament(for me at least). From now on everything was going to count. I blazed through the competition however I did  lose a couple of times which caused me to end up in 3rd place. This was my first tournament so you could have guessed that I was nervous but with my deck I didnt plan on losing.

My deck is a Dragon/Spellcaster deck with a great supporting cast of Fiends, Fishes and a mix of f/s beat down and insects. It may seem like a bit much at first but after you see my deck you'll see why all cards are right where they are!  <^_^>  Thanks to my big brother for some of these cards.

Dungeons and Dragons!

3 Blue Eyes White Dragon
2 La Jinn The Mystical Genie
1 The Bistro Butcher
2 Summoned Skull
3 Wall of Illusion
3 Mystical Elf
2 Neo The Magic Swordsman
3 Lord of D.
2 Jirai Gumo
3 Man-Eater Bug
3 7 Colored Fish

Magic and Trap

2 Swords of Revealing Light(1 after a trade)
3 Trap Hole
3 Fissure
1 Tribut To The Doomed(traded it off aswell)
3 Stim-Pack
3 Waboku
1 Pot of Greed
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
2 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
1 Change of Heart

Total # of Cards in Deck: 50
My Comments on my deck:Its OKAY and I stress that term. I feel kind of left out because I read other tournament reports and every deck I look at has at least one Magic Jammer, 7 Tools of The Bandit and Solemn Judgment. Well my deck doesnt have any of those but who cares!  I decided to arrive 2 hours earlier so I could check out the competition and trade some of my rares for super and ultra rares! Unfortunately my mother got lost and we arrived  a half an hour late! I got a bunch of good trades like Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon for a Baby Dragon, Exodia(head) and Exodia(right leg) for 2 Tri-Horned Dragons and a Polymerazation! I also traded a Swords of Revealing Light for Magician of Faith and Time Wizard. My last two trades were a Tribute to The Doomed for a Thousand Dragon and a japenese Acid Trap Hole for a japenese Red Eyes Black Dragon! .The tournament was soon underway and I met my first opponent...........

I didnt catch his name and he wasnt even in the tournament, I dueled him for fun and practice.

ToonMokuba vs. ???

The way people chose who went first is after your deck was cut you would look at the very first card on the bottom and whoevers card was best......they went first. I wound up getting Blue Eyes White Dragon so I went first. I started by playing Wall of Illusion in defense, I set Monster Reborn and Change of Heart on the field. he went and played a La jinn(I think) which went back to his hand after he attacked my monster. The rest of the duel is blurry to me. All I know is that I won.

My next duel was against an official opponent.(Didnt catch his name either, I wasnt concerned with names I was there to to duel not make friends!)

Round 1
ToonMokuba vs.Some kid with 92 cards in his deck!?

I won the card flip and I started my game again with Wall of Illusion in defense. He played a Magician of Faith face down and played Swords of Revealing Light(I got combo'ed like this all day, swords===wait three turns and then use Magician of Faith to get it back) After I tributed my Wall of Illusion for a Summoned Skull I was TrapHole'ed. I then played Monster Reborn to get him back. I Change of Heart'ed his Magician and got back Monster Reborn. Since his Magician was all used up I graciously gave it back to him and ended my turn. He then tributed his Magician for his Summoned Skull(this card is redundent!) and tryed to attack mine but I used Waboku. My next turn I drew my second Summoned Skull and bought him out via Monster Reborn. Luckily I had Stim Pack face down and I equipped my SS with it. The rest of the duel went as follows. He attacks, I counter. I ended up winning with the same two SS's I started out with. ^_^

I was happily enjoying my wins but little did I know  storm was brewing nearbye. An undefeated kid with an Exodia deck was the talk of the comic shop. I was determined to face him and win and I would have, if not for what happened in Round 2.

Round 2===I actually did catch his name, hehe!

ToonMokuba vs.Chris a.k.a. the cheater

He took advantage of me via his friends. He kept saying that you can use an effect monsters effect and tribute them or attack with them on the same turn! I dont know where he got his rules. I fell into a trap because his friends(about 5 of them surrounded our dueling area) backed him up on everythig he said! I dont even want to discuss this duel! However, I happily rejoiced when I saw him lose and get eliminated a little later that day.

I could no longer face "The Exodia Kid" because he was undefeated and an order to face him for first place, I would have to be undefeated too!

Round 3

ToonMokuba vs. Yo

This kid wasnt much of a challenge. He wasnt a begginer but his cards just sucked! I bought out Summond Skull(there it goes again!) and destroyed his monsters while building up my own defense for about 2 turns. When it was my move I tributed my Dragon Piper and Wall of Illusion for Blue Eyes White Dragon. I attacked with both of them to end the duel.

Round 4

I got a bye so I didnt have to duel if I didnt want to. So I sat back and examined everyones deck. I also took this time to throw in the 2 Tri-Horned Dragons I just traded for, little did I know they would be my downfall!?

Round 5

Since it was only three of us left, two would have to duel and I would face winner. So yet again I had another bye.

Final Match

ToonMokuba vs.The Kid With EVERYTHING That Can Stop Me!?(thats not his real name)

This kid totally annihilated me! Every move I made he countered with either a TrapHole, 7 Tools, Solemn Judgment or Mirror Force which he kept getting back via Mask of Darkness. My true downfall was when he stalled me for 9 turns with Swords of Revealing Light!(there's that combo again) When it all came down to the final card I had to draw to save my life just guess what I got!? Tri-Horned Dragon! I was so pissed that I just said "gameover I lost" I might have lossed due to pressure. I was shaking because I didnt want to lose and everyone was watching us because we were the last people dueling an official match so all eyes were on us. Well I placed third. I was happy because I got such a good rank on my first try at a tourney. On my ride home I abbandoned my brothers cards, even though I no longer had a Summoned Skull I had revamped my deck to truelly be dungeons and dragons! See ya next week, you'll never see my new deck coming..................

To me for placing third
To my little brother Quinton for cheering me on.
To all the kids who traded me for such damn good cards!
To Ray the league store owner for giving me 2 extra tournament packs for a total of 5 not including what I bought with my store credit!
To all the kids I didn't even know who cheered me on.

To the kid who cheated me in Round 2(damn you!!)
To everyone who kept asking to see my deck(leave me alone!!)
To me for being so nervous about the tourney, I have to learn to calm down.
To the "Exodia Kid" for leaving right after he got his prize. He probably knew I was coming for him! Oh well maybe next time.

Any comments? Email them to ToonMokuba@cs.com