Dave's Physical Defenders Deck
Place: Adventure Planet Jersey city, N.j
This tournament was my first, and it was great. About 18 people played, and i dueled a kid named brandon H., but he cheated. When i attacked his man eater bug instead of him destroying it, he tributed it for a summoned skull. I didn't notice until after i left. It's all good. I changed my deck and it will wipe out the competition. Anyway here's my deck.
Mystical Elf-2
Giant Soldier of Stone-2
Prevent Rat-1
Wall of Illusions-2
Castle of Dark Illusions-1
7 ColoredFish-2
La Jinn-1
Neo the Magic Swordsman-2
Battle Ox-1
Princess of Tsurugi-1
Man-Eater Bug-2
Summoned Skull-3
Flame Cerebrus-2
Judge Man-1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon-1  
Card Destruction-2
Soul Exchange-2
Block Attack-2
Sword of Dark Destruction-2
Dian Keto the Cure Master-2
Dark Hole-1
Monster Reborn-1
Just Desserts-1
Acid Trap Hole-1
Trap Hole-3
It was cool because it was my first tournament, and i won once.
I only dueled one person than i was eliminated, his name was brandon h.
First i drew my hand and i got a good hand. I played mystical elf in defense, but h attacked with la jinn.
It was Me-8000 brandon-7800
I than placed trap hole and waboku, than played wall of illusions.
He tributed la jinn for a judge man but i trap holed it. My turn: i tributed mystical elf for summoned skull, but he trap holed it. Etc............... At last i had 4400 life points and he had 100. I played giant soldier of stone and he attacked it ith la jinn and i won the first duel. But we had to duel 3 times and best 2 out of 3 would move on. He beat me the naxt two. But i swear he cheated, because he got robbin goblin, 2 trap holes waboku and la jinn on every first hand. but he only had 1 robbin goblin, and it was wierd that he got it on his first hand every time. But Next weak i will show no mercy, and i wil think straight.