Tournament at Borders books and Music in Cincinnati, Ohio
10th of August
32 players
Beatdown Deck (50 Cards)

Creatures (30):

3 Dark Magician
3 Summoned Skull
3 King of Yamimakai
3 Dark Elf
3 La Jinn
3 7-Fish
3 Neo
3 Wall of Illusion
3 Witch of the Black Forest
3 Man-Eater Bug

Magic (17):
3 Fissure
3 Sword of Deap Seated
3 Stim-Pack
3 Sword of Dark Destruction
2 Card Destruction
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Change of Heart

Trap (3):
Trap Hole

My first tournament, I had just played casually with my friends prior to this but I decided to try out a tournament.  5 dollar enterance fee for all players, winner gets 75 dollars, 2nd gets 25 dollars and 3rd gets 10 dollars.

1st round: My Beatdown vs. Exodia:

The first duel he got 2 pieces of Exodia on his first turn, but he played an ultimate offering to sacrafice his Mistycal Elf for a Summoned skull, then I played my neo, then a summoned skull, then 2 Dark Elfs and Change of Heart and Stim-pack.  I made short work of him, needless to say.

The second match was a little bit more difficult since he got many of his search cards on the first draw but I got a La Jinn, 3 stim-packs, and a Sword of Deep Seated.  Eventually I got my Summoned skull out, then Saraficing my La Jinn to play that and discard 2 Dark Magicians via Card Destruction.  I Drew my sword of deep seated and a fissure.  I decked out my summoned skull and used fissure to kill his Dark Elf that he had in play, he was left defensless and I killed him in 5 turns after that.

2nd round: Dragon Deck

2 easy duels.  The first turn he got 3 blue eyes and 2 mountains.  He drew almost no good cards and I killed him in 10 turns, he was on the run the whole time.

The Second duel, again he got a blue eyes, and 3 Seeriyu(I dont remember the exact name, it was a dragon with 7 tribute level and 2500 attack) and a summoned skull.  On the fourth turn he attempted to play a blue eyes but I trap holed it, he was defenseless and I used my summoned skulls with stim packs to finish him.

3rd round: Yugi Deck

I don't know how this kid made it to the third round, he barely knew how to play and was only 8 years old.  I made quick work of him, after he played a Ultimate offering and Dark Magician I played 2 summoned skulls each with sword of deep seated and then sealed the deal with a Change of Heart.

The second duel I got A bad hand but he attacked my Wall of Illusion and lost 300 LP then I played a seven colored fish and kept attacking with it because he didn't have anything that was strong enough to beat my fish, he wouldn't win.

4th round: Beatdown

She was decent but just couldn't stand up to the quickness of my deck, I got 2 dark elfs and a few creature pumps with my first draw so I was winning early but then she played a raegeki and did alot of damage.  I recovered with a dark hole and then several trap holes to protect me and kept getting creatures that were to weak to help but I drew a change of heart and took her summoned skull to kill her other summoned skull leaving her open for my 7-fish to attack her for some damage due to the stim pack I hooked it up with.  I then drew a Summoned skull and my fish was getting week so I tributed it and attacked her LP the next turn.  She played weak creatures and I won when I reborn-ed her summoned skull, then sacraficed my magician of faith to get back my reborn and play a summoned skull, then I reborned her other summoned skull and she only had one creature out and I stomped all over her.

Final Match: Me vs. Exodia

This guy scared me, he was like 30 years old.  He drew 4 of 5 exodia pieces his first hand, and I drew all magics, including card destruction.  It was simple after that, he couldnt do much of anything else. 

The next match he got alot of search cards and magic jammer, it took him 10 turns to get his exodia.

The third match I offered him a draw to split the store credit and he said no, he drew alot of search creatures again and used them to find 4 of his exodia pieces, then I used card destruction and he had no chance.  His deck was powerful, but relied to heavily on the one combo so I had an easy ticket to victory.

I have only bought 2 yugi decks and a booster pack but I traded my cards for ones that are better to fit my deck.  I only own 70 cards but I make the best of what I have and made some favorable trades and have won almost all tournaments I have played in I decided to save my prize for Magic Ruler.  If you wish to e-mail me, my name is Wes and my e-mail is  Good luck, and trust in the cards!