Adam's ReBd DeCk
BigappleComics Amarillo,Tx
It waz a gr8 tournament i almost lost 2 this one dude with a lp beatdown deck owell lets get 2 da good stuff

heres my deck!

Monsters (17)
3x Red Eyes Black Dragon
1x Summond skull
1x Kuriboh
3x seven colored fish
2x lord of d.
2x lajinn
2x dark elf
3x wall of illusion

Trap Cards (13)
3x Trap hole
2x magic jammer
2x waboku
3x mirror force
2x just desserts

MAgic Cards
1x monster reborn
1x Change of heart (MR ULTRA RARE)
2x paralyzing potion
2x germ infection
3x sword of deep seated
1x heavy storm
1x  Dian KEto

This was a pretty hard tournament of 3 people (4 counting me)  but anyway heres the results!

match #1 me VS some dude named john
he had threw the match

Match #2 me vs Joey
He was pretty hard tho but anyway i drew a nice hand i had red eyes lajinn change of heart and magic jammerhe went first then it was my turn i change of hearted his monster witch was a wall of illusion so i attacked and won the first round the other ones were pretty mutch the same except he counterd alot

Final Round ME VS JOsh
HE was really hard with his lp dranage deck he went first he place nown 1 ookazi and tromendous fire it was my turn i was already at 200 lp so then i played my fissure killing the Neo  he put out then i played my 7 colored fish along with sword of deap seated and won the tournament

If ya wanna talk 2 me about some yu-gi-oh stuff my aol name is AJredRaider1