When Cards Collide
By Ryoga

8: Too Many, Too Few
Edit 1: I'm Enjoying This Too Much


Last Solution:

7/7/5: You know, it really wasn't that hard to fix that one.

  1. Tribute Double Coston to Tribute Summon Dark Magician of Chaos. Use his effect, targeting Giant Trunade.
  2. Activate Call of the Haunted to Special Summon Witch of the Black Forest.
  3. Pay 500LP to activate Ultimate Offering’s effect, but do not use it at this time (your LP now 900).
  4. Activate Giant Trunade to return all Spell and Trap cards on the field to their owner’s hand. Witch of the Black Forest is destroyed and Archfiend Soldier returns to your control.
    s) Use Witch of the Black Forest’s effect, targeting put Zaborg the Thunder Monarch.
  5. Pay 800 Life Points to activate Premature Burial, targetting and equipping Witch of the Black Forest  (your LP now 100).
  6. Tribute Witch of the Black Forest to Tribute Summon Zaborg the Thunder Monarch by using Ultimate Offering’s effect from earlier. 
    a) Use Zaborg's effect to destroy Berserk Gorilla.
    b) Use Witch of the Black Forest’s effect, targeting some monster from your deck (though this doesn’t really matter).
  7. Activate Double Spell, by discarding Raigeki, to activate Exchange from your opponent’s Graveyard. Select Snatch Steal from your opponent’s hand.
  8. Activate Snatch Steal to take control of Summoned Skull.
  9. Attack your opponent with all of your monsters for 2800 + 1900 + 2400 + 2500 = 9600 damage directly.

Final Result: Him - 0, You – 100


Problem - Win the Game in One Turn:

             This puzzle should be smaller than the average one (for those of you that like complaining about these not taking more than 10 minutes, you don’t need to tell me this time) and as such, I will post another at the beginning of next week.
            Both players have been doing all right this time. Your Life Points were good until now. However, your opponent is on the defensive suddenly. Maybe they see your ability to win?

7/7/5: I'm really beginning to wonder why I did this banter originally. I'm not very good at it.


Field: (the upper part of the screen are your opponent’s cards)



Premature Burial (face-up)





Don Zaloog (face-up DEF)















Ultimate Offering (face-up)




Your Hand: 
Double Spell, Shining Angel, Mystical Space Typhoon, Mystic Wok, Brain Control

7/7/5: OK, so I cheated a bit on the Brain Control. Big deal!


Your Life Points:                                  600  

Your Opponent’s Life Points:             3000


Your Opponent’s Graveyard Contains the Following Cards: 
Double Spell, Enemy Controller, Special Hurricane, Book of Moon, Book of Taiyou


Your Deck Contains the Following Cards You Can Obtain: 
Thebean Nightmare, D. D. Warrior Lady, Shining Angel

You start during your Main Phase 1 having done nothing this turn.

            Well, that’s see how you do with that one.




Name # Attribute Other Type Lv ATK DEF Rarity ID# Text
Book of Moon PGD-035 Quick   SPELL       Rare 14087893 Flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face-down Defence Position. 
Book of Taiyou PGD-034 Normal   SPELL       Common 38699854 Flip 1 face-down monster on the field into face-up Attack Position.
Brain Control TLM-EN038 Normal SPELL S 87910978 Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. Take control of the selected card until the End Phase of the turn this card is activated.
D. D. Warrior Lady DCR-027 Warrior Effect LIGHT 4 1500 1600 S 07572887 When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent's monster and this card from play.
Don Zaloog PGD-029 Warrior Effect DARK 4 1400 1500 Ultra Rare 26922024 When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, you can select and activate 1 of the following effects: - Select 1 card from your opponent's hand randomly and discard it to the Graveyard; - Send 2 cards from the top of your opponent's Deck to the Graveyard.
Double Spell MFC-106 Normal   SPELL       Ultra Rare 24096228 Discard 1 Spell Card from your hand. Select 1 Spell Card from your opponent's Graveyard and activate it from the Graveyard as your Spell Card.
Enemy Controller AST-037 Quick   SPELL       Ultra Rare 98045062 Select and activate 1 of the following effects: -Change the Battle Position of 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field; -Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute. Select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. Take control of the selected card until the End Phase of the turn this card is activated.
Mystic Wok AST-036 Quick SPELL C 80161395 Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute. Select the ATK or DEF of the Tributed monster, and increase your Life Points by the same amount.
Mystical Space Typhoon MRL-047 Quick   SPELL       Ultra Rare 05318639 Destroys 1 Magic or Trap card on the field.
Premature Burial PSV-037 Equip   SPELL       Ultra Rare 70828412 Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 Monster Card from your Graveyard, Special Summon it to the field in face-up Attack Position, and equip it with this card. When this card is destroyed, the monster is also destroyed.
Shining Angel MRL-094 Fairy Effect LIGHT 4 1400 1100 Rare 83011277 (Edited) When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can Special Summon 1 LIGHT monster with an ATK of 1500 in face-up Attack Position from your Deck. Then shuffle the Deck.
Special Hurricane AST-084 Normal   SPELL       Rare 53698242 Discard 1 card from your hand. Destroy all Special Summoned monsters on the field.
Theban Nightmare AST-063 Fiend Effect LIGHT 4 1500 500 Rare 51838385 While there are no cards in the hand and in the Spell & Trap Card Zone of this card's controller, increase the ATK of this card by 1500 points.
Ultimate Offering SDK-050 Continuous TRAP Common 80604091 At the cost of 500 Life Points per monster, a player is allowed an extra Normal Summon or Set.