When Cards Collide
By Ryoga

4: Slamming Good Time
Edit 1: Completely Redone


Last Solution:  

    Please note that the effect of Toll and Chain Energy are referred to here as costs for the sake of simplicity.

  1. Activate Autonomous Action Unit at the total cost of 2000 Life Points to Special Summon Ultimate Obedient Fiend to your side of the field (your LP now 2000).
  2. Activate Mystic Wok, targeting Ultimate Obedient Fiend, and selecting ATK, to increase your Life Points by 3500 at the cost of 500 (your LP now 5000).
  3. Normal Summon Gemini Elf at the cost of 500 Life Points (your LP now 4500).
  4. Use Ultimate Offeringís effect to Normal Summon Witch of the Black Forest at the total cost of 1000 Life Points (your LP now 3500).
  5. Activate Premature Burial to Special Summon Spear Dragon at a total cost of 1300 Life Points (your LP now 2200).
  6. Activate Axe of Despair, equipping Spear Dragon, at the cost of 500 Life Points (your LP now 1700).
  7. Attack the Soul Tiger with Spear Dragon, turning Spear Dragon to Defense Position, at the cost of 500 Life Points, and doing 800 damage (your LP now 1200 and his LP now 3000).
  8. Attack directly with Witch of the Black Forest and Gemini Elf at the cost of 1000 Life Points, doing 3000 damage to your opponent.

Final Result: Him - 0, You - 200 


Puzzle - Win the Game in One Turn:

            Todayís problem is, hopefully, not a great tax on the brain. I havenít included any cards for rummaging through Decks, Graveyards, Souls, or lunches. As usual, it isnít going to well for you (unless you like 900LP), but nicely, you have a hand and quite a few spells and traps, nothing else too special. So, go forth and beat this invisible opponent to a pulp!


Field: (the upper part of the screen are your opponentís cards)








Summoned Skull (face-up ATK)











  Amazoness Swordswoman (face-up ATK)



Micro Ray (face-down)


Book of Moon (face-down)

  Weapon Change (face-up)

Ultimate Offering (face-up)


Your Hand:  
Rush Recklessly, Dark Driceratops, Tribute to the Doomed

Your Life Points:                         900

Your Opponent's Life Points:     3200  

Unlike every other puzzle I can think of, in this one you start being able to do something in your Standby Phase.

Thatís all you need to know! Well actually, some of you might want to know what these cards actually do, so here are excerpts from my personal spoilers for all the cards above. Also, what do you lot think of these puzzles so far. They too easy? To hard? No one will tell me!
           I thank the person (Kyle) who did manage to contact me and point out my incompetence. Obviously this work has managed to warp my brain. Hopefully this won't happen again, though my hopes aren't high. 

7/7/5: Maybe you can bear this one now. Shame I make substantially greater mistakes later. I shalln't do that again (ignoring the answer in #42).


Thanks again, 



NAME # GROUP Other TYPE L A D Rarity ID # Text
Amazoness Swords Woman MFC-061 Warrior Effect EARTH 4 1500 1600 Ultra Rare 94004268 The opponent takes all Battle Damage to this card's controller that he/she takes from a battle involving this monster
Book of Moon PGD-035 Quick   SPELL       Rare 14087893 Flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face-down Defense Position.
Dark Driceratops IOC-073 Dinosaur Effect EARTH 6 2400 1500 Rare 65287621 When this card attacks with an ATK that is higher that the DEF of your opponent's Defense Position monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points.
Micro-Ray AST-047 Normal   TRAP       Common 18190572 The DEF of 1 face-up monster on the field becomes 0 until the end of the End Phase.
Rush Recklessly MRL-043 Quick   SPELL       Rare 70046172 Increase 1 monster's ATK by 700 points during the turn this card is activated.
Summoned Skull  MRD-003 Fiend   DARK 6 2500 1200 Ultra Rare 70781052 A fiend with dark powers for confusing the enemy. Among the Fiend-Type monsters, this monster boasts considerable force.
Tribute to The Doomed  MRD-057 Normal   SPELL       Super Rare 79759861 Discard 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy 1 Monster Card on the field (regardless of its position).
Ultimate Offering SDK-050 Continuous   TRAP       Common 80604091 At the cost of 500 Life Points per monster, a player is allowed an extra Normal Summon or Set.
Weapon Change AST-041 Continuous   SPELL       Common 10035717 You can pay 700 Life Points only once per turn during your Standby Phase to activate this card's effect. Switch the ATK and DEF of 1 Warrior-Type or Machine-Type monster on your side of the field until the end of your opponent's next End Phase. When this card is destroyed, the effect is negated.