Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Report - 3/15/03
Deck Name: I Am The Loser
Player: Nick Moore (NickWhiz1@buckeye-express.com)
Date: 3/15/03
Location: Glass City Games, Toledo, OH, USA
Time: 11:00 A.M. eastern
Entry Fee: $5.00, receive one tournament pack or see below
1st - $25 store credit
2nd - $20 store credit
3rd - $15 store credit
4th - $10 store credit
5th/6th - $5 store credit
Participants: 39
Format: Sanctioned, 3 rounds swiss, top 16 go to single-elimination tourney

Hello, it's me, Nick Moore, the infamous "NickWhiz1". I'm sure you've read my CotD reports. Well, I'm here to report about my second sanctioned tourney (I'd rather not talk about the first one). The tourney was held at Glass City Games, a popular hobby store in Toledo, Ohio. There is enough room for about 40-50 people to have a tournament. There were 39 people here, so we were heading towards the limit.

Since TP2 has (apparently) gone out of print, the store owner had an idea. For each tournament pack that you were owed (some people had a lot owed to them, I had 4, counting today), you could either wait for them to come in again (season 3?), or use each one as $10.00 credit towards any Yu-Gi-Oh! single in the store (they have pretty high prices). I decided to use my $40 credit towards 2 Axes (they were $22.75 each). The storeowner kicks ass, though, so he just said $40 was OK (otherwise it would have been $45.50). I also bought 3 packs of LoN and got Mask of the Accursed (Super Rare), Spirit Message "I", and Jam Breeding Machine. Bah. My little brother got Mage Power and Mask of the Accursed. Double bah.

Before the tourney, I managed to trade a Beast of Talwar and a Barrel Dragon (weren't using them) for a Left Leg of the Forbidden One. All I need are the 2 Right limbs and I'll have a full set =/. Anyway, here's my deck:

"I Am The Loser"
Monsters: (18)
2x 7 Colored Fish
2x Dark Elf
2x Goblin Attack Force
2x Harpie's Brother
2x Magician of Faith
2x Man-Eater Bug
2x White Magical Hat
1x 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
1x Cyber Jar
1x Sangan
1x Witch of the Black Forest

Magic: (17)
2x Axe of Despair
2x Heavy Storm
2x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Change of Heart
1x Confiscation
1x Dark Hole
1x Delinquent Duo
1x Monster Reborn
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Pot of Greed
1x Premature Burial
1x Raigeki
1x Snatch Steal
1x The Forceful Sentry

Traps: (6)
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Dust Tornado
1x Fairy Box (got before I started playing)
1x Imperial Order
1x Magic Jammer
1x Mirror Force

Side Deck: (15) (never really used it)
2x Fissure
2x Solemn Wishes
2x Time Seal
1x 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
1x Card Destruction
1x Ceasefire
1x Cold Wave
1x Hayabusa Knight
1x Lightforce Sword
1x Mask of Darkness
1x Masked Sorcerer
1x Morphing Jar #2

OK, onto the tournament.

Round 1


Since there were 39 players, someone had to get a bye. And who's gonna get it? Me, of course! During this time, I managed to trade a Robbin' Goblin (I had 3) for a Fairy Box from a kid that wasn't playing in the tournament. I also heard that one of the best players in the tournament got a Magic Cylinder, then I heard that it was his SECOND ._.

Round 2

Opponent: Cody Reed
Game 1:
Me - 8000-7300-6750-5750-4750
Him- 8000-7000-6000-5200-4450-2450-0
Game 2:
Me - 8000-7000-6800-5800
Him- 8000-6200-5700-5500-0

This was a little kid, so it wasn't terribly difficult. He was using cards like Skull Red Bird and the Darkfire Soldiers. Afterwards, I traded him a 1st edition Graverobber and the non-holo Man-Eater Bug from my deck for his holo Man-Eater Bug (now both of mine are holo ^_^;;;).

Round 3

Opponent: Mike Donovan
Game 1:
Me - 8000-7000-4800-3800
Him- 8000-6200-3400-2600-0
Game 2:
Me - 8000-3500-2100-1100-800-0
Him- 8000-7000-3500-4000-5000-6000-5000-4000
Game 3:
Me - 8000-4800-3800-1800
Him- 8000-5700-3400-2700-2000-0

Argh. He used a Gravity Bind deck, and you know what that means. He used Dream Clown, Relinquished, and Hayabusa Knight, so this was a tough game. First game I managed to take quick control of the game and it was over soon. Second game was over from the start. He hit me for 4500 the first turn, and it was all over from there. Third game was back and forth. He used Magic Cylinder on my Axe'd WMH (3800->1800), when I had Dust Tornado face-down. I could have used DT, destroyed Cylinder, and won. Doesn't matter, because I won next turn anyways ^_^;;;

Now that this was over, it was time for the single-elimination tourney. I had a record of 6-1, so I was pretty much in. My little brother was also in at 5-3 (I believe). My first opponent...another little kid.

Round of 16

Opponent: Jared Jakes
Game 1:
Me - 8000-7000-6300-5600-4900-4200
Him- 8000-7500-8500-4200-3800-2700-0
Game 2:
Me - 8000-7000-5200-4200
Him- 8000-7100-4800-5800-4000-5000-900-1900-1000-100-0

First game the only damage I took was from Dark Elf (I think) and a few turns of Imperial Order. Second game was slightly more difficult. At the end, my only attacking monster for a couple of turns was a Cyber Jar, explaining the 900 damage per turn. I really need to take better notes on these things ~_^


Opponent: Mark Desbeth (the "cheater" from Jacob K.'s tourney report a couple of weeks back)
Game 1:
Me - 8000-9000-8700
Him- 8000-3900-4900-1100-0
Game 2:
Me - 8000-7000-2900-1900-1600-1100-300-0
Him- 8000-6000-5000
Game 3:
Me - 8000-7900-3200-2400-0
Him- 8000-7500-5200-6200-5200

I'd rather not talk about this match, because, as you see, I lost. I don't think he cheated. The first game, as you see, was over painlessly, but the other 2 were actually closer than they looked. My lack of LoN and tourney experience just caught up to me here.


Well, I was out. However, a miracle occured. My overall record of 9-3 was good enough to win me 6th place, giving me $5 store credit. My ride arrived just as I used my credit to buy a pack of LoN. I opened it up, shuffle through, and find out that I am now the proud owner of an unlimited Gemini Elf! This is my first hobby secret rare pull, and this'll save me the $40 it will take to buy it as a single. All I need is just one more and I'll be in good shape. A Jinzo would help too, but I may be getting that on Tuesday ^_^;;;

Props and Slops


My father - Since I don't have my driver's license yet, he drove me and my little brother there ^_^;;;
Glass City Games - They hold kick-ass tournaments :)
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom - I'd say the little guy destroyed about 10-15 1800 attack monsters on his own. I'm so proud of him ^.^;;;
The kid that traded me Exodia's Left Leg - I forget your name, but thanks. I only need 2 more parts because of you =)
My opponents (except Mark) - You were all good sports, especially you Mr. Donovan. I'll knock your clowns around again on the 29th =P


Mark Desbeth - You beat me ;.;
LoN - You eluded my grasp until Saturday. Most of the people there had Cylinder and UWS and stuff =/
J/P Starter Decks - You have STILL eluded my grasp. People there were using Graceful Charity ;.;
Mike Ellis/Steven/Wes - I hate you all, although I owe Wes because he traded me my 2nd GAF for 2 Backup Soldiers.
Upper Deck - I've said enough about you guys =X
Unemployment - I'm broke ;.;

Be sure to read my columns and CotD when you get the chance, if you haven't/don't already! ^_^;;;