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Hello, and welcome to my first article in what seems like forever (well, in a way, it has been forever ). Yes, I started my last one this way, but that was in February, and it HAS been forever since then. However, I need to get this one off my chest, and this will be an interactive column. I will post this, then ask for comments. Soon after, I will post another column with the results I recieve. I also hope to have an official comment on this, either from a UD employee or from a Demo Team member.

Without further ado...

Mirage of Nightmare vs. Mystical Space Typhoon

OK, I was playing today in a 2 v 2 game (there was a 2 v 2 tournament, but this was after it). I was teammates with my little brother against two kids named Alex and Adam. Adam claimed to be some hot shot, something along the lines of "played in major tournaments" and "played for Upper Deck".

The situation:

During my turn, I had 2 cards in my hand, which were Sangan and Mirage. I set Sangan, then play Mirage. End my turn.

There were no chains to it, so I drew 4 cards. I believe I had RotA, Imperial Order, Painful Choice, and MST. The MST was a late-draw, so I almost freaked out.

It came back around to my turn, and Mirage wasn't destroyed. (My brother didn't have any M/T removal, he only used 2 MST, and he plans on using Mirage. Baka.)

I figure "OK", and draw a card, Spear Dragon. Alright, I have a Mystical Space Typhoon, so I go to Standby Phase, and I announce that I am chaining a MST from my hand to destroy Mirage to prevent the discard effect.

Immediately, Adam barks back, saying that it's an illegal move. Now, OK, I guess he has never had an experience with this (and it's understandable, PGD has been out for less than a week, although he had a freshly-pulled Ring in his deck), so I try to explain it to him.

I'm not really mad at this point, but the next part gets to me.

He quit the game, saying that he feels like he's playing with n00bs.

Now, honestly, I can understand if he's going to quit the game over it. It's just a casual game, but the n00b part kind of hit me. I mean, that's kind of rude to be doing that, even if you ARE some big-shot (which he CLAIMS to be, but I don't know many hot-shots that use Giant Trunade in a beatdown).

So we have a lengthy argument over it and pretty soon we're getting opinions from everyone else. This next part shocked me.

Everyone agreed with Adam.

I keep trying to argue my point, but I figure enough is enough and I just walked out. (BTW, I kept my vow to not buy any more PGD packs, but that's a different story.)

Now, I decided to do some research on this topic. I didn't find a whole lot, but I found the following:

Quick Play Magic Card Game Play Mechanics (it's a link, so you can click on it, however the topic will be gone eventually, probably)

Here, it shows that Quick-Play Magic Cards can be activated in response to a Drop Off during the Draw Phase:

"If the drawing player drew a Quick-Play Magic Card, he may chain that Quick-Play Magic Card to Drop Off, and Drop Off’s effect will disappear because the Quick-Play Magic Card resolves and is no longer in the drawing player’s hand to be discarded."

However, according to the new rulebook with the Joey/Peggy decks, it doesn't say that this is possible:

"This type of card can be activated during a Battle Phase as well as during a Main Phase. If you Set this card on the field you can also activate it during your opponent's turn like a normal Trap Card. Quick-Play Magic Cards also count towards your 5-card Magic & Trap Card limit, and there must be an open space in the Magic & Trap Card Zone in order to use it."

Both of these factor into whether chaining a MST from your hand during your Standby Phase to destroy Mirage is a legal move in ENGLISH (that's the important part). It's already been shown that it's a legal move in JAPAN, so the ruling SHOULD be the same here. I don't know.

The way I see it is, there are interpretations that can lead it either way.


*You can play Mystical Space Typhoon from your hand during any phase of your turn, as long as it's in response to SOMETHING. If this is not legal at all, then all the rest of these interpretations are false.

*You can play Mystical Space Typhoon from your hand only if you are responding to another effect on the field (as is shown in the Drop Off ruling). Mirage's discard effect would count as an effect on the field, so Mystical Space Typhoon would chain to it. Since it would be the last Chain Link, it would resolve first, destroying Mirage. Since Mirage isn't on the field, it won't resolve (as is the case for all Continuous Magic/Traps), thus, no discard, and happytime ensues.

*You can play Mystical Space Typhoon from your hand in response to the transfer between phases. For example, end phase MST (which the Upper Deck "expert duelists" use, so that makes it an official legal move). But there's a difference there, because it's during your opponent's turn, and MST is on the field. However, the principle we're looking for is whether you can chain to the end of a phase. If that's OK, and we can play MST from our hand in response to something, we should be able to activate it from our hand in response to the transfer between Draw and Standby to destroy Mirage before it even gets a chance to try to activate.


*You can't play Mystical Space Typhoon from your hand during your Standby Phase, PERIOD (which would contradict the Drop Off ruling). If you can't, the above 3 are all false, and this entire column is moot.

Well, I'd like some opinions on whether it's legal in ENGLISH or not, based on the rulings that have been passed down for the ENGLISH game. We all know it's legal in JAPANESE, but we're talking about ENGLISH here.

There are three ways to submit your opinion:

1. E-mail me at
2. E-mail the Pojo Yu-Gi-Oh! department at, and they will (maybe) post it in my column section as a response (they do it on the Pokemon site, why not here?). This may be the least reliable method, however.
3. Post on the following topic on the message boards: Mirage vs. MST.

Well, that's it for now. Ciao.