Subject: Rules Clarification - 5 Magic/Traps
While battling Idling_Crisis of the Pojo ladder in a Swiss-style tournament over Apprentice (it was the final match), the following situation came up.
We were both at fairly low LP (less than 3000 each).  I_C had a face-down Monster card and a face-down Magic/Trap card.  I had a Magician of Faith face down on the field, a face-up Robbin' Goblin, and a face-down Trap Hole and Seven Tools of the Bandit, and a Summoned Skull in my hand.  Here's what happened:
1. I flip summoned the Magician of Faith, activating its effect.
2. I snatched my Pot of Greed from my graveyard.
3. I activated my Pot of Greed (there are now 4 cards in my Magic/Trap zone), drawing Swords of Revealing Light and Raigeki  Pot of Greed was then sent to the Graveyard (3 cards in Magic/Trap).
4. I sacrificed my Magician of Faith to summon Summoned Skull.
5. I played Swords of Revealing Light (4 cards in M/T), revealing his Wall of Illusion.
6. I played Raigeki (5 cards in M/T), destroying his Wall of Illusion.
At this point, he begins to accuse me of cheating.  He says that playing Raigeki was illegal, because I had used all 5 of my M/T slots already before using it.  He says that if you use a Magic card, let it resolve, then destroy it, it still takes up the M/T slot until the end of the turn.  This would then not allow me to play Raigeki.
I countered by saying that since Pot of Greed resolved, and was destroyed, the spot it took up was reopened for me to put another M/T there.
He says there's something in the rulebook supporting his comment.  I read through the rulebook, and found no such ruling.  However, I found this on page 26:
"With the exception of Field Magic Cards, a player can have only 5 Magic and/or Trap Cards on the field at the same time in the Magic & Trap Card Zone."
What it's saying is that once you let a Magic card resolve and be destroyed, the spot is took up is now free, because the card is not there anymore to take up the spot.  Since the Pot of Greed was not on the field at the same time as SoRL and Raigeki, it did not take up one of the 5 spots, thus allowing me to play Raigeki and destroy his Wall of lllusion.  The game ended a few turns later, with me winning.  He then leaves chat, still claiming me to be a cheater.
If anyone can find something in the rulebook to support Idling_Crisis's claims, please e-mail me at  Otherwise, the ruling stands.