Subject: More Rule Clarifications
While sifting through the CCG Tips, Strategies & Thoughts on the Pojo Yu-Gi-Oh! site, I noticed a few arguments about specific cards.  I would like to make some clarifications about these cards (this is for those of who that still argue about them):
Trap Hole:
Despite what some people still refuse to believe (evidence can be found in July 17's batch of tips), Trap Hole can only be activated when the monster in question is summoned.  No later.  Once the monster is summoned, if Trap Hole is not used on it, it cannot be used on that monster in future turns.  It doesn't matter if it has a Counter Trap icon or not (which it doesn't).  The Counter Trap icon just helps determine its spell speed. 
Monster Reborn:
This has been a very popular argumentative card since Upper Deck placed an incorrect ruling on their original FAQ page.  Monster Reborn allows you to bring back any monster from the Graveyard, unless:
1. The Monster has a Special Summon requirement to be brought into play normally (i.e. you can't just tribute monsters normally).  These include Gate Guardian, Harpie Lady Sisters, and Great Moth.
2. The monster is a Fusion card and it has not entered play normally.  This kind of goes with what is above, but there is an additional argument with Fusion cards.  When a Fusion monster is destroyed, it still goes to the Graveyard, not back to your Fusion deck.  This is in the Official Rulebook.  Thus, you can use Monster Reborn on it, provided that it entered play normally at least once.
3. The monster is a Ritual card and it has not entered play normally.  This will become an issue with the release of Magic Ruler in September, as Pharaoh's Servant (the set packed with Magic Ruler) has Ritual monsters.
4. The card specifically says it can't be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.  This will be an issue with later sets as well.
5. The monster is removed from the game.
There are others, but these are the main two that brought up a lot of arguing.  If you wish to say I'm wrong (even though I have official rules to back me up), as always, e-mail me at  Over and out.