Well, it's been a while since I've written one of these, so I'm going to write an article about a few things that have caught my attention over the past few weeks.
English Magic Ruler, what is its composition?
While chatting about cards that may make an impact on the English version of the game that are in the Japanese Magic Ruler/Pharaoh's Servant (I'll have a preview article or two when we get an official spoiler), we kind of got in a discussion about exactly what cards are going to be in the set.  It proceeded as follows:
<NickWhiz1> we might not even get all the Pharaoh's Servant Toon cards
<[FD]YoNeX> we won't
<[FD]YoNeX> cyclone = 3 when mr comes
<NickWhiz1> since the American Magic Ruler apparently only has some of Pharaoh's Servant
<NickWhiz1> wait
<NickWhiz1> hold on
<[FD]YoNeX> according to pojo =p
* [FD]YoNeX is bored
<[FD]YoNeX> time to start rumros about magic ruler
* NickWhiz1 has to check something
<[FD]YoNeX> wut's the scheduled date ruler coming out?
<NickWhiz1> September 16th IIRC
<[FD]YoNeX> hm....
<[FD]YoNeX> my sources says the 11th =/
<NickWhiz1> ok, according to the ad that was on YGO Dungeon, the set will contain 102 cards
NOTE: That can be found here: (http://www.yugioh-dungeon.com/images/magicrulerad_doc.jpg)
<NickWhiz1> (not counting up to 2 Secret Rares)
<[FD]YoNeX> hm....
<[FD]YoNeX> mr = 50 cards
<[FD]YoNeX> pharoh = how much?
<NickWhiz1> 51
<NickWhiz1> wow
<NickWhiz1> this does NOT add up

<[FD]YoNeX> so doesn't dat mean dat they're putting both?
* [FD]YoNeX want those tournament cards
<NickWhiz1> wait
<NickWhiz1> if it's Magic Ruler and some of Pharaoh's Servant, where do the rest of the cards come from?
<NickWhiz1> uhhh
<NickWhiz1> I'm cofused
<NickWhiz1> *confused
<[FD]YoNeX> they're tournaments cards dat b kewl =D
<NickWhiz1> hmmm
<NickWhiz1> wait
* NickWhiz1 just had a thought
<NickWhiz1> if they downgrade BETD from a Secret Rare to an Ultra Rare, then that would account for 102 cards, provided ALL of Pharaoh's Servant is included
<NickWhiz1> but then we don't know about the Secret Rares
<NickWhiz1> PLUS, if all of Pharaoh's Servant isn't included, where do the other cards come from?
<[FD]YoNeX> dat's wut i wanna no
<NickWhiz1> agg
<NickWhiz1> wait
* NickWhiz1 just had a thought
<[FD]YoNeX> Laugh Out Loud
<NickWhiz1> actually, 2
<NickWhiz1> 1. The rest of the cards are another chunk from Booster Chronicle.
<[FD]YoNeX> might b possible
<NickWhiz1> 2. The rest of the cards are reprinted from the practically-extinct LoBEWD set.
<NickWhiz1> or...
<[FD]YoNeX> the 2nd is wut im' thinking
<[FD]YoNeX> =D
<[FD]YoNeX> they might print card d.
<NickWhiz1> 3. The people that Ryo Akiyama were talking to at GenCon are pulling a fast one on us.
<[FD]YoNeX> Laugh Out Loud
<[FD]YoNeX> i say 2 n' 3
* NickWhiz1 might have to write an article about this.....
We seem to have conflicting sources here.  One source points to Magic Ruler and all of Pharaoh's Servant (the ad) and one source points to Magic Ruler and some of Pharaoh's Servant (Ryo Akiyama), but doesn't specify where the other cards come from.
English Magic Ruler: 102 cards (not counting Secret Rares)
Japanese Magic Ruler: 50 cards
Japanese Pharaoh's Servant: 52 cards (counting the Secret Rare Blue Eyes Toon Dragon, if it were demoted to Ultra Rare)
Japanese Magic Ruler + Japanese Pharaoh's Servant + 1-2 Secret Rares = English Magic Ruler, but that appears not to be the case.
Where do the rest of the cards in the set come from, then?
Well, there are a few possibilities:
*Booster Chronicle (there's still 50 cards left in the set, since 30 were put in the tourney packs)
*Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (maybe we'll get back cards like Polymerization and Raigeki)
*Pharaoh's Servant (yep, that's possible too)
*Curse of Anubis (the Japanese set after Pharaoh's Servant, although that would just be plain strange)
*Promotional cards (hey, it's always possible)
*A combination of any of the above
We'll just have to wait until we get an official spoiler in a week or two.
Mechanicalchaser, what's that?
If you've been keeping up with Yu-Gi-Oh!, you'll know that Mechanicalchaser is probably the hottest card right now, as it is so hard to find (1:108 in tournament packs).  Furthermore, it is very playable, seeing as it is currently the strongest Level 4 no-effect monster out in America.  Its stats, for those that don't know:
Main-Type: Dark
Sub-Type: Machine
Level: 4
Attack: 1850
Defense: 800
I thought that this card was going to become a major problem in the tourney scene, but after thinking about it, it falls just as easily to Dark Elf and Jirai Gumo, two popular cards right now.  But still, it's an annoyance when you see this card come out against your defenseless La Jinn and 7 Colored Fish =/
The Difference Between "Tribute" and "Sacrifice"
I feel that I must bring this up.  For the English version of this game, Konami/UD decided to use the word "Tribute" instead of "Sacrifice" when referring to sacrificing for a high level monster and sacrificing for card effects.  This has led to some highly unpleasant arguments involving monster effects that require "Tribute", the most arguments coming from Share the Pain.  Allow me to clarify:
When you Tribute a monster for an effect like Share the Pain, you cannot also Tribute that same monster for a high-level monster.
Some cards (like Catapult Turtle) have something similar to this in their effect, but it also requires another clarification:
If you use the card "Soul Exchange", you CAN use the monster you choose to Tribute for a card effect, as long as you do so IMMEDIATELY (i.e. your immediate next move) after you use the card.  That means, if you were to Tribute for a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, you CAN'T use 2 Soul Exchanges, as the next immediate move after the first Soul Exchange would be the second, which is illegal.
I hope that this can prevent some arguments in the future.  If you don't agree with these, tough, this is the way these cards are meant to be played.  Check the official FAQ or the tourney rulings PDF on the tourney website.
Well, this is it, for now.  If you have any opinions about Magic Ruler, Mechanicalchaser, and/or Monster Tributing, send any comments to yugiohdepartment@pojo.com with the title "Re: Magic Ruler, Mechanicalchaser, and Monster Tributing", and I'm sure Bill won't mind posting a few of them.  Make sure that they are legible, thought out, and generally intelligent, otherwise they won't get posted.  Also, you can reply the old fashioned way at nickwhiz1@buckeye-express.com.