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Dark Paladin's Dimension

Dark Beginnings 2 (or Dark Revelations)

1.25.05   Hello again to one and all,

Today I would like to bring you a mini-article about Dark Beginnings 2 or Dark Revelations. This is another reprint set of latter sets with the "better" cards, as was Dark Beginnings 1. I just quickly wanted to give you a heads up of some of the cards available when the set comes out.

*Cyber Stein--Rare
*Dragon Seeker--Common
*Needle Worm--Common
*Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer--Rare
*Bazoo the Soul Eater--Rare
*Dark Necrofear--Ultra
*Last Warrior From Another Planet--Super
*Royal Command--Common
*Blade Knight--Ultra
*Great Moth--Common
*Catapult Turtle--Super
*Thunder Dragon--Common
*Barrel Dragon--Ultra
*Mirror Force--Super
*Heavy Storm--Super
*Axe Raider--Common
*Gemini Elf--Common
*Graceful Charity--Rare
*Machine King--Common *Royal Command--Super
*Magic Thorn--Common
*Total Defense Shogun--Super
*Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight--Ultra
*Obnoxious Celtic Guardian--Ultra
*Command Knight--Super
*Kaiser Sea Horse--Common
*Vampire Lord--Ultra
*Insect Queen--Ultra
*Dark Ruler Ha Des--Ultra
*Dark Balter the Terrible--Rare
*Freed the Matchless General--Ultra
*Troop Commander--Rare
*Exiled Force--Common
*Tyrant Dragon--Ultra Rare
*Spear Dragon--Super Rare
*Fiber Jar--Rare *Injection Fairy Lily--Ultra
*Airknight Parshath--Super
*Yamata Dragon--Super
*Hino Kagu Tsuchi--Ultra
*Bottomless Trap Hole--Common
*Last Turn--Rare *Don Zaloog--Super
*Book of Moon--Common
*Mirage of Nightmare--Common
*Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth--Ultra

Now, those are ALMOST all the notable cards, but I have TWO surprises for you.
The first being this set contains SIX count them SIX new Toon Cards!

*Toon Defense
Continuous Trap
When a Toon of Level 4 or lower is attacked, that cards controller may have the attack target the player directly.

*Toon Masked Sorcerer
*Toon Cannon Soldier
*Toon Gemini Elf
*Toon Goblin Attack Force
*Toon Table of Contents

and the biggest surprise of all...

*Yata Garasu--COMMON

I know to you Toon lovers Yata being a common is posh, but I found it important anyway.

You stay classy Planet Earth, I hope this helped you guys

~Dark Paladin~



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