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Dark Paladin's Dimension

Spellcasters--the forgotten decktype?

1.20.05   Today I will write about Spellcasters, and their current environment in the metagame. Despite most people's popular opinion, a Spellcaster deck can be run with reasonable success. When the game first came out, for a while, Spellcasters were frequently run. Sadly, today, few
 people run them, and deem them "unworhty." I myself run one, and have won some local tournaments where I live with it, but never finished better than 3rd in an actual official tournament. Now, there are three main Spellcasters that can have decks built around them. They are Dark Magician, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, and Dark Paladin. Now, a simply Dark Magician Deck would be simplest, but probably least effective. Dark Paladin I believe is more complicated, but
 wonderful if you get him on the field. Likewise, Sorcerer of Dark Magic being the hardest to summon would be most effective.

 Spellcasters also have a lot of support and seem to be getting more all the time. Obviously Magician's Force gave us DMG, Dark Paladin, Diffusion Wave-Motion, Breaker (who works in almost any deck), Magical Scientist, Chaos Command Magician, and so much more. Invasion of
 Chaos gave us the versatile Dark Magician of Chaos. Look what happened to Dark Magician of Chaos! A Spellcaster that was thrown into a LOT of tournament decks for a while, and is still in a
 considerable number.

 Now, Spellcasters themselves aren't usually beatdown monsters with amazing attack or anything. A couple of exceptions are Skilled Dark Magician and Gemini Elf, both 1900 level 4 attackers. But you have a lot weaker ones too...Magician of Faith, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer,
 Neo the Magic Swordsman, etc...Also, the majority of Spellcasters are DARK types, with a couple of exceptions. Chaos Command Magician is LIGHT, as is Magician of Faith.
 Gemini Elf is EARTH. As for tribute monsters for Spellcasters, Chaos Command Magician is one of the best. Being 2400-1900 and level 6, he'll go head-to-head with Jinzo. Since Dark Magician is 2500-2100 and requires an extra tribute, Chaos Command isn't a bad option if you
 want a bit of a quicker Spellcaster.

 Now, here is a deck that centralizes its focus on summoning the Sorcerer of Dark Magic!

 Monsters x18

 Skilled Dark Magician x3
 Dark Magician x3
 Skilled White Magician
 Buster Blader
 Dark Magician of Chaos
 Chaos Command Magician
 Gemini Elf
 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
 Magician of Faith
 Sorcerer of Dark Magic x3
 Magical Scientist
 Cyber Jar
 Mirage Knight

 Spells x16

 Diffusion Wave Motion
 Premature Burial
 Big Bang Shot
 Pot of Greed
 Dedication Through Light and Darkness
 Cost Down
 Change of Heart
 Axe of Despair
 Mystical Space Typhoon
 Poison of the Old Man
 Different Dimension Capsule
 Mystic Plasma Zone
 Mage Power
 Painful Choice

 Traps x6

 Torrential Tribute
 Call of the Haunted
 Magic Cylinder
 Ring of Destruction
 Waboku x2

 Fusion x6

 Dark Flare Knight x3
 Sanwitch x3

 *Note, if you can get out Magical Scientist, summoning the Fusions allows Sorcerer of Dark Magic to get out much more quickly!

 This puts you at a deck of 40 cards, with a nice ratio. Go ahead and give this deck a try. Feel free to e-mail me about anything @



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