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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dark Magician of Chaos
Ultra Rare

When this card is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned successfully, you can add 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard to your hand. A monster that is destroyed by this monster as a result of battle is removed from play instead of going to the Graveyard. When this card is destroyed or removed from the field, it is removed from play.

Type - Spellcaster / Effect Monster
Card Number - IOC-065

Card Ratings
Traditional: 4.33
Advanced: 4.78

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.
3 is average.
5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.09.08


Dark Paladin

Dark Magician of Chaos closes our week, and wins the award for "My Ban List Status didn't change, but I am now a whole hell of a lot better...In fact, I am (arguably) the BEST card in the game now!"

Dark Magician of Chaos is now, again arguably, the single most powerful card in the game. Not only because of the Banning of Magician of Faith, or even because of the newly Restricted Monster Reborn. Dark Magician of Chaos has so much raw power and can be splashed into many Tier 1 Decks. He could even be teched into the Divine Monarchy...isn't that scary?

Seriously...he helps nearly, if not all of the new powerful Dark Decks you can create thanks to Phantom's Darkness. He can help give Dark Armed Dragon Decks one hell of a boost. He also works well in conjunction with Diamond Dude Turbo, Perfect Circle, and numerous other One Turn and First Turn Kills. Granted, he still has the wonderful ability of returning a Magic Card from your Graveyard but there's so much more.

Having Dark Magician of Chaos in your Graveyard now can be wonderful, for either player, especially with Monster Reborn as he can be returned to either player's Field. More often than not, you may actually want your Dark Magician of Chaos to be removed from play so you can swarm with Dimension Fusion or Return From the Different Dimension.

Dark Magician of Chaos is also a great monster to work in combo with Light and Darkness Dragon. He is the perfect target to select from your Gravyeard for your return monster after Light and Darkness Dragon leaves the Field...plus you get your Magic Card!

In short, Dark Magician of Chaos, is not all that great...on his own.
However, the combos, Decks, and possibilities are endless, and you will probably be seeing a whole lot more of our blue skinned friend this six months.

If Dark Magician of Chaos and Monster Reborn weren't enough, you can still use TWO Magical Stone Excavation! There are still more than enough ways to get a Magic Card from your Graveyard if you need to.


Traditional: 4.8/5 Slightly lower than the Envoys, but still awesome.

Advanced: 5/5 For all the reasons listed above, and probably some
I have missed.

Art: 5/5

Dark Magician of Chaos

DMoC's status didn't change with the new list.  ...that's what many players are saying is a problem, and others are calling a blessing.

Dark Magician of Chaos being legal in a format with Monster Reborn unbanned opens up so many plays, it's sick.  I'm going to spend this review listing several of these plays:

*Foolish Burial DMoC, Reborn DMoC and get back Reborn, bring back something else
*Armageddon Knight doing the same, taking the place of Foolish Burial
*Snipe Hunter discarding DMoC, doing the same
*OTKs involving DMoC's spell recursion effect to get back Dimension Fusion an infinite number of times in a loop that allows a player to either draw out their deck to win, or launch Toon Cannon Soldier over and over (check Metagame)

Simply put...DMoC + Reborn = the new sack play that will end matches all across the US.

General Zorpa Dark Magician of Chaos

The card that SHOULD have been banned. He is a 2800 beatstick that nets you a Spell when Summoned. Special Summoned OR Normal, so that makes him a top pick for most combo oriented decks, as they tend to Special Summon an insane amount of monsters, and getting back a Spell card each time you do it is what makes combo decks shine. Actually this effect is just icing on the cake if you can believe it.
The true power of DMoC is the fact that he will reliably be remove from the game really easily, weither through your own removal effects, or just the fact that he is removed from play instead of being sent to the graveyard. I have done crazy plays where I have Special Summoned DMoC a total of 6 times in one duel. Escape, Return, and Dimension Fusion all make this card shine, and any deck that relies on DARK monsters or pretty much any deck actually can run this guy. He is actually one of the best cards in the game, and is easily in the top 3 with Light and Darkness Dragon and Dark Armed Dragon (all with 2800 ATK oddly enough)
David "BobDole" Hoffman Dark Magician of Chaos

Didn't we just review this a few weeks ago?

Am I mistaken in assuming DMoC's standing on the Ban/Restrict list has not changed? Is I crazy?

No, we did review this roughly around the end of last year, but the biggest thing is that with PTDN he's gained a significant amount of playability. Since I'm lazy, I'm going to copy and paste my review, and edit it slightly so it basically makes it sound cooler.

DMoC is a card that was once underrated. Now, oddly enough, he's one of the more popular dark monsters out there. Despite that fact that's a two tribute, he's still one of the most intimidating monsters to hit the field.

- His first effect is absolutely awesome. It's best late game, so you'll want to save this guy till you have something in the GY you want to use. I have ended games with this more than once. Infact, I'd say about 80% of the time I land him on the field, it's ended in my favor. Getting back a Shield Crush, Pot of Avarice, Lightning Vortex, or Heavy Storm is almost always going to swing the game enough to ensure victory.

- The second effect is once again - amazing. Removing opponents monsters from play is a big game mechanic that can allow you to completely shut down Monarchs (Treeborn Frog), Zombies (Il Blud and Zombie Master), and pretty much anything that dares to focus on the graveyard.

- The third effect is like his downfall, but as we all know from the recent release of PTDM, it's a huge upside now. You can bring him back the second he's removed (allowing yourself to grab another spell card) via Escape from the Dark Dimension.

All in all, this guy is going to see a lot more play. Especially since Fires of Doomsday is basically built to support him. Expect to see him in just about every/every other Dark deck build.

Traditional: 4/5 (He's a Dark, but he's also two tribute. Your best shot is to dump and revive)
Advanced: 4.5/5 (This thing can be devastating to say the least)

Bob Dole
Carrotizer Dark Magician of Chaos
DARK / Level 8
2800 ATK /
Spellcaster / Effect

The only reliable Spell recursion. TBA: To Be Abused.

Dark Magician of Chaos has always been a "stable" (if not only) level 8 monster. Not only does it activate when you Normal Summon (works with Mausoleum of the Emperor!), it also activates when you Special Summon. DMoC was probably only abused by DDT only. However, this format...

Escape from the Dark Dimension just has so much potential, as well as Dimension Fusion. Escape from the Dark Dimension can already be used as a temporary, but effective, Trap negation with Jinzo. Of course, with Dark Magician of Chaos, Magician of Faith is unnecessary; Escape from the Dark Dimension will basically be +1 for each copy.

Therefore, while most decks are at least somewhat hurt by the restriction upon Magician of Faith, DARK decks that utilize huge RFG and OTK decks with DMoC and Dimension Fusion engine are hugely advantageous. Even in last format, MoF was already too slow.

I read that Call of the Haunted was removed from our available card pool to give advantage to certain types that utilize similar cards (Birthright and stuff). DMoC nullifies that reasoning, for a lot of reasons.

First, unlike in-Graveyard Disk Commander or DMoC, RFG’ed DMoC is safe from your opponent. Thus, with 1 Dimension Fusion (which DMoC is most likely to retrieve unless there are Heavy Storm or other valuable Spells), and 3 Escapes (not to mention good old Return), DARK decks are ridiculously powerful. Using Heavy Storm two or three times is not so hard anymore. (Expect, consequently, D.D. Crow usage to go up).

Second, Dark Magician of Chaos is easily splashable, with a simple requirement for such a broken effect. With Magician of Faith banned now, Dark Magician of Chaos empowers any decks that use Dimension Fusion and Escape from the Dark Dimension. Return from the Different Dimension also qualifies, yet it is a more aggressive card. With Spell recursion largely available with these cards…

Just be careful about when to dump DMoC in the Graveyard with Armageddon Knight/Dark Grepher – watch out for that Monster Reborn.

Traditional: 4.5/5 It’s fast, it’s strong, it’s good.
Advanced: 4/5 TBA!
Master Tricks
Dark Magician of Chaos
    Finishing off the week, we have the famous Dark Magician of Chaos, or how we call it DMoC for those who don't know that term in the metagame. This card is simply one of the best cards ever since it was released in Invasion of Chaos and still is one of the best cards in the metagame. We usually get this card out easily by special summoning it from the graveyard with Premature Burial, Dark Creator, Monster Reborn, and if it's removed from play, we use Dimension Fusion, Return from a Different Dimension, Escape from the Dark Dimension, and D.D.R. which is the new card that  can be found in the Dark Emperor structure deck soon. DMoC grabs a free spell card from your graveyard when you normal or special summon it and removes any monster it destroys. When it is removed from the field, it is removed from play which is handy in a future deck that was played at the recent SHonen Jumo in Texas that involved Cyber Valley, Dimension Fusion, Tons of draw spell cards such as Allure of Darkness, Upstart Goblin, and Magical Mallet. This card is good all around and is personally one of my all-time favorite cards.
Traditional: 5/5 (Excellent in Chaos)
Advanced: 5/5 (There is barely any flaw in this card other than the fact that it's Lv.8but you can still use Trade-In on it and special summon it with the methods mentioned above.)
Art: 5/5 (This card is perfect in every way in my opinion especially since I have one now)
- Master Tricks :)
Ex` Friday March 7th: Dark Magician of Chaos

I'm pissed I sold off this card hoping it would be banned this format, but Konami pulls another one. Today we're discussing about Dark Magician of Chaos, the card that may very well define this format in one way or another

It can be used with Allure of Darkness, dumped in the grave thanks to Dark Grepher and Armageddon Knight, used as Fuel for Dark Armed Dragon and Prometheus and special summoned off Destiny Hero - Dasher and Dark Creator (people should give him a try) and lets not forget Reasoning and Monster Gate (2 cards that should've seen banning/limitation). This is why people call 8 when facing against DDT

This card is also the lynchpin to FTKs and OTKs. If anyone read the Houston SJC, you'd know that constant loops throughout Dimension Fusion and Dark Magician of Chaos means game. This card can be used in DDT, Gaia Gate, Magical Explosion and a Straight up Dark Deck which is top tier because of Phantom Darkness

In short, beware of this card and make sure to disrupt it as best as you can

Traditional: 3.5/5 (Still one of the best Darks)

Advanced: 4.75/5 (It will Define this Format)

Until Next Time


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