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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Dream Clown

Card Number - MRD-080

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.22.03


Dream Clown

This card works best in a Gravity Bind/Messenger of Peace Control deck. With an Army of Dream Clowns and Crass Clowns, your opponent won't be able to put enough Monsters on the field and you can simply attack directly. One of the best thing is, your opponent won't be able to use any flip effect Monsters as you can simply bounce or destroy them before they could be flipped. Now all you need it to protect your Clowns from Mass Removal cards like Raigeki/Dark Hole/Mirror Force and you have a pretty good control deck. You would probably run some Magic Jammers and maybe Prohibition to protect them. Don't let your opponent get Jinzo out though or everything can go downhill from there...

Rating: 3.5/5
SomeGuy Wednesday - Dream Clown

My favorite monster in the game. I love that fact that is fits so perfectly in my current Gravity Bind deck. The 1200 ATK is good for destroying Axe-less White Magical Hat as well as Hayabusa Knight. +100 DEF and it would of been perfect. It's sad to see a spent Dream Clown being destroyed by an Axe-less Hayabusa Knight.

If you think one Dream Clown is great, try two of 'em. This allows you to destroy a monster each and every turn (For as long as they survive). Here's how it works:

Turn One: Play Dream Clown A in ATK mode.
Turn Two: Use Dream Clown A's effect, play Dream Clown B in ATK mode.
Turn Three: Change Dream Clown A to ATK mode. Use Dream Clown B's effect.

And so on. Throw Gravity Bind (Or Messenger of Peace [MoP] if need be) and Prohibition in the mix, and you're in control of the board.

While your Dream Clown(s) are destroying monster(s), you can Axe a Hayabusa Knight/White Magical hat and take the game. Though, Axe isn't completely necessary.

Besides Gravity Bind (Or MoP) decks, Dream Clown is somewhat weak. 1200 ATK won't stand up to the Lvl. 4's, and neither will 900 DEF. Chances are you'll never get to use the effect.

But in GB (MoP) type of decks, Dream Clown is the best Lvl. 3 you could ask for. This is something I can tell you from tons of playtesting. As well as many great tournament placings (Currently on a streak of 6-0).

Rating: 4.1/5

NickWhiz1 Wednesday - Dream Clown

This (short) week, we're looking at underappreciated monster killers. The first one is Dream Clown. Friday we'll review a certain common card from Pharaoh's Servant (wait and see).

After seeing SomeGuy's Dream Clown deck on Pojo, I decided to boot up a similar deck for a tourney on Saturday. Boy was I impressed. Considering that I totally suck at this game, I went 12-4 with it (10-0 before the semi-finals >.<, the 4 losses were mainly drawing no GB/MoP, even though I ran 5 combined =/). Once I got 2 Dream Clowns down under the safety of GB/MoP, they controlled the field. It was quite impressive. Beatdown decks? Locked down. Stall decks? Locked down. Defensive decks? Locked down. I didn't get the chance to face an Exodia deck, but that would have probably got killed as well.

I tweaked it, adding in 2 of Friday's card (you'll see what it is), and I'm hoping for 1st place on Saturday! OK, back to the review...

Under the protection of Messenger of Peace or Gravity Bind, this guy is a BEAST. Literally. Get 2 down in alternating positions (i.e. one in Attack and one in Defense), and whatever monster your opponent puts down won't last very long =/ This will more often than not give you an open field, meaning your Hayabusas and White Magical Hats will have a clear path to your opponent's LP. If you manage to get a Gravity Bind, Imperial Order, and 2 Dream Clowns out, they'd better hope to get Jinzo, or the game's over =/ Don't take this guy lightly, he'll wipe that smirk off your face. I have been converted to the clown side, and I don't know if I can go back :/

Score: 3.5 (without Gravity Bind/Messenger of Peace, he's toast, but combine him with either, and he's a force to be reckoned with)


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