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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

D. D. Warrior Lady

Card Number - DCR-027

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 12.22.03

wartortle32 D. D. Warrior Lady 

When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent's monster and this card from play. 

We get another great monster removal card with this monster. It's similar to Exiled Force in that you're basically getting a 1 to 1 trade off, but this monster can remove the opponent's monster from the game, ensuring that it can be revived. However, that also means that the Lady will be removed as well so you cant use its effect multiple times like you can with Exiled Force. However, it's still great for taking out monster like Jinzo, Vampire Lord, or face down monsters as will prevent the effect of Sangan/Witch as well as stop flip effects.

I'd give this 3.8/5. It's up to you whether you want to use Exiled Force or D.D. Warrior Lady. Both have their pros and cons. You can use both, but I'd consider that overkill. 
Monday - D.D. Warrior Lady
I can't believe I missed Vampire Lord ;.;  Everyone knows what my opinion of the card is, though, and the other reviews were excellent (all the high 3s and 4s :) ).  Continuing on...
I can remove stuff from play
And come out quite fast
Sorry, no Witch search for you!
D.D. Warrior Lady
When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent’s monster and this card from play.
Super Rare
Starting off Christmas Week, f00b sure picked a doozy of a card.  Despite the fact that Vampire Lord is indeed in the set, I might have to say this is the best card in the set.  The applications of this card are incredible.
On the surface, it basically says "if I'm dying, I'm going to take you with me."  Oh, but it's so much more than that!
*Your Sangan/Witch/Mystic Tomato won't be able to search.
*Your Sinister Serpent/Vampire Lord are most definitely not coming back.
*Jinzo?  Hah, my Traps are safe now!
There are a couple ways to go about this:
*Ram DDWL into another monster.  Even if you have to take some damage, it's a small cost to get rid of Jinzo/Vampire Lord/etc.
*Let your opponent attack DDWL.  They'll be walking right into a Trap.
The best part about DDWL is that her effect is optional.  So, for example, if you don't want to remove that Don Zaloog that just attacked you, you don't have to.  Even if she would get destroyed, you don't have to remove her and the monster that destroyed her.  This will come into play with the next set, because DDWL makes excellent food for the Chaos Monsters (but more on that in March ~_^).
However, she does have a couple enemies.  Terrorking Archfiend and Dark Ruler Ha Des, to the best of my knowledge, simply laugh at DDWL.  Since DDWL is destroyed in battle by them, I do believe that DDWL's effect will not trigger.  I'm not too sure about that.  Other enemies include Sasuke Samurai, Skill Drain (if she's face-up), Paladin of White Dragon, and, of course, every monster kill spell there is.
Despite that, if you're running ANY type of Control/Beatdown/Warrior, run at least 2 of her.  You won't be sorry.
Casual: 4.5
Tournament: 4.2
Draft: 4.5
In other words, just run her.
Monday - D. D. Warrior Lady
When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponents monster and this card from play.
Super Rare
D. D. Warrior Lady is an excellent Monster for dealing with many threats that you would otherwise have a hard time destroying without giving your opponent some sort of advantage. These generally include Vampire Lord, Sangan, Witch if the Black Forest, Pyramid Turtle, and of course Mystic Tomato and friends.
Though you will usually be using it for the Effect, it can definitely do some efficient attacking when you're in need.
D. D. Warrior Lady is pretty much effective in any offense deck, and also works wonders in the Side Deck.
In Limited it easily destroys any bomb Monster(s) your opponent might have pulled, not to mention 1500 ATK is very nice in this format.

Constructed - 4/5
Limited - 4.2/5
Tournament players will be seeing a LOT of this Monster.
DM7FGD D.D. Warrior Lady

Light/Warrior - Level 4 - 1500/1600
Effect: When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent’s Monster and this card from play.

D.D. Warrior Lady's one of the more versatile cards in the DCR set. It can fit into a large variety of types of Decks, and the Effect is simply great, although it may not seem so to some. Its stats may not seem like much, but for such an Effect the stats are pretty darn good. The only drawback about the stats is the fact that it can't be searched by the Witch, and only by Sangan, but that's not really too bad of a thing.

Monster Removal can be a very strong part of any Deck, and can come in handy against almost any of your opponent's Monsters they may have up against yours. The good thing about D.D. Warrior Lady is that her Effect is optional, so you can choose whether or not you'd like to remove it and the opposing Monster from the game. Set the Warrior Lady face-down and let your opponent attack it for a nice surprise of removal, or just bring it straight out and attack a stronger Monster of your opponent's, such as Jinzo, just to get rid of it for good. Or just bring it out for an attack, and your opponent would be hesitant to attack it with any Monster they might have, because of the fear of removal. It can be a great card in many situations in any Duel.

I said most of what I had to say about D.D. Warrior Lady (Dimensional Warrior Girl) at the following link, in my article here.
2003/The Warriors of the Future.shtml

¥ - D.D. Warrior Lady - ¥
Overall Rating: 3.8 / 5 
dawnyoshi D.D Warrior Lady is by far the most sought after super rare of Dark Crisis. Why is it though?

For an obvious answer, it's incredibly good removal. If your opponent has a wall on the field, summon the warrior lady to the field, have her attack that wall and remove it from play, then have your other monsters go all out on your opponent's life. It's ANOTHER great warrior support card to add to the warrior theme. It's easy to fetch with Sangan, it can be brought to your hand via Reinforcement of the Army, it can stop Witch effects, Tomato effects, etc., and it's a light monster. Why is it being a light monster a good thing? Refer to DM7's very first article for that answer. ^_^

Constructed: 4.5/5

Not staple material, but an incredibly nasty card. Great removal ability, and it goes very well with the warrior theme.

Limited: 5/5

Game removal card right here. Most sealed deck games will have a monster reborn from a starter deck. Shut down their strongest monster with ease. 
MerrilHess D. D. Warrior Lady
When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent’s monster and this card from play.
Super Rare

   Ok, this card, IMO, is tied for best card in the set next to Vampire Lord. Her effect can control those pesky Tomatoes and Vampire Lord if need be it. The fact it is only Sangan searchable makes it somewhat diminished, though. Some deck that would benefit from this don’t run a Sangan, so they might have to rebuild their deck from the ground up just so that way they had a way to grab her quickly. This card is straight sick as it can get rid of anything that you have to deal with. If you activate Waboku before you attack, you could attack any big, beefy monster then remove it without taking any damage. Nice, huh? That’s what I thought. I am on the hunt right now for 3 of these for my deck. You should at least try her out, just to see how she holds up.
   I give D. D. Warrior Lady a solid 8/10. She isn’t perfect, and not being Witch searchable hurts it’s overall rating.
f00b  D.D. Warrior Lady - 12/22/03

Sw33t! For this Holiday week we get to review some of my favorite cards from Dark Crisis. We start with a card that is, in my opinion, a near-MUST-have monster in the upcoming environment. Here’s why:

D. D. Warrior Lady (Light/Warrior/4/1500/1600)
When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent’s monster and this card from play.
Super Rare

And you thought Exiled Force was good! Think of exiled force juxtaposed with a D.D. crazy beast effect and you have the ever-versatile DDWL.

+Negates “when sent to the graveyard” effects i.e. witch, sangan, tomato, turtle
+Removes monster from game = you won’t see it anymore.
+Can be found by Reinforcements of the Army and Sangan
+The effect is selective, not mandatory

-Also removes DDWL herself, meaning she’s a one turn wonder
-Not searchable by Witch
-Relatively low stats, mediocre at best

*Probably not worth it, but Miracle Dig could get a few of these back for more use. *shrugs*

So first of all, she prevents recursion from Monster Reborn, Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, Book of Life, etc. AND takes away vampire lord’s chance of returning to play, as well as promising that sinister serpent will stop returning to the opponent’s hand.

Also, she can be used like Exiled Force, to “take out” any one monster on the field. Although unable to negate FLIP effects (exiled was good at taking out the “jars”), DDWL can suicide with anything to take it out, FOR GOOD. Don’t like that opposing Jinzo? Safe yourself the trouble, run her into it, lose the petty 900 LP to ensure that your opponent won’t be negating any of your traps for the remainder of the duel. It’s just like the old Newdoria suicide trick, only this one removes it from the game.

Getting PWNed by a Vampire Lord? It’s worth it to lose 500 (and get hit by the effect..) but drop V-Lord from the current duel.

And early game, it is CRUCIAL that DDWL is used against foremost, opposing witches, but also sangans. I don’t think it’s worth it as much to take a tomato out of the game, especially since whatever monster they fetch at BEST can only suicide into DDWL (and the conventional fetch for a Don Zaloog still does nothing against DDWL whether she’s in ATK or DEF position). But some still claim that because of DDWL, “mystic tomato” and its brethren are dead. I don’t think so, but this is an excellent choice of a card to use if those decks are being abused in your local metagame (so right now, these are GREAT).

So far, in constructed, I’d say DDWL warrants at LEAST two slots in the sideboard, if not being main decked or max-ed out at 3 in the board. She is too powerful a tool not to use, and the fact she’s a warrior helps speed up her “search ability”.

Also, having the option when to CHOOSE to use her removal effect is nice. Say you’re running a few “Warrior Returning Alive” cards. DDWL can attack, block a “chump” attack, then be returned to your hand to remove a more powerful threat, or just to be saved for later.

Trust me, when your opponent knows you’re packing a few of these chicks in your deck, they second guess every monster they summon, because nothing is safe from DDWL muwhahaha (err, yea =\).

Now in limited, this card is just as good. It’s hard to have counters or “answers” to your opponents’ threats in limited, and with a DDWL, you don’t have to. Whatever you see can be taken down instantly by her, and she’s a great surprise card. Besides, you should always take the shiny cards :P

Constructed - 4/5 I’m packing a full set of these in my sideboard like, permanently.
Limited - 3.8/5 Being able to take down any threat is always useful, and it’s stats are at least decent

See you tomorrow when we review another great card!
infinitekhaos D.D. Warrior Lady 
When this card battles another monster, after Damage Calculation you can remove the opponent’s monster and this card from play. 
Super Rare 

D.D. Warrior Lady makes the third of three major non-spell/trap monster removal. The other two being exiled force and tribe infecting virus. I personally play this card, but I prefer tribe, lets look at some pros and cons between the three.

Exiled Force

-searchable by witch and sangan
-searchable by giant rat
-monster recursion doubles as monster removal

-weak stats
-can take up your normal summon
-can just destroy a face down witch/sangan

Tribe Infecting Virus

-combos with sinister serpent
-decent ATK power
-searchable via witch
-aqua type, (meaning most often times, you wont destroy itself while using the effect)
-multiple use, just watch your hand

-effect is useless if you have no cards in hand
-1600 ATK makes him unsearchable by sangan/mother grizzly
-can't get rid of face downs

D.D. Warrior Lady

-searchable via sangan/shining angel
-if the effect is used on a facedown witch/sangan/sinister, you can nullify and remove your opponents crucial cards
-decent ATK power
-gets rid of jinzo for good

-not searchable via witch
-one time use

overall this is a good card, if only the stats were 1500/1500, then she would be more playable.

Tourney - 4.0/5
Draft - 4.0/5
Artwork - 4.8/5 - I love the next gen anime look

Closing Line - oh you attack my face down with witch? YOU TAKE 500 AND I REMOVE WITCH FROM THE GAME! HAHAHA! 


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