Hi again, its me azza reporting to u live from my computer to all u fellow pojolanders. This article as told is my last one is going to be about underated cards but since i am sorry i didnt write thise article sooner i will give you more Underated cards and more Overated cards! w00t! But first of all i wish to address a few matters. Last week i was not aware of Spell Shield Type-8's errata about the fact it can only discard spell cards so thanks to those people who told me about it.
Also, to those people sending hate mail, V-lord is so overated its not funny, Mirage of Nightmare SUCKS! Magic Drain is ok but dont go over the top about card advantage and Don Zaloog is actually pretty darn good.
One last thing, if Jaelove is here please tell him that i apologize for kind of copying his ideas, but FORCE and A BAD system are really really good. So without further a do, let me show you:
1. Magic Cylinder
Now a lot of people are going to look at that and say WHAT? MAGIC CYLINDER SUCKS! ITS OVERATED! Well to those people i say sit down and listen.
Magic Cylinder has gone through a rough time. When it was first released in LON people said it was a staple. and it probably was since suicide beatdown with megamorph and dark elf was all the craze. But then with the release of PGD and Harpies Feather Duster (which i own! w00t!) it took a slide to mediocrity and Ring of Destruction took the lead because it was chainable and had a better effect.
But now, Magic Cylinder is making a comeback. Burn is popular in the Advanced Format and also the fact that chainability isnt too much of an issue right now. It still is nice to have chainable traps but if you are sacrificing ability for chainability your off your head. Fridginators (commander cool) [me] says that there are only 4 s/t removal cards. Breaker, Heavy Storm, MST and the new Dust Tornado. Only 1 is field clearing, 1 wastes a summon and 1 has to be set for a turn. So as long as you dont set Magic Cylinder until your opponent has used Heavy Storm or you have protection you will be fine.
The Bottom Line: Use it god damn it! You will thank me one day!
2. Draining Shield.
Well you must think i like unchainable traps. And you would be right! Mainly because they have good effects. But anyway, Draining Shield is a very good late game card. It could save you heaps from an opposing monster, more than Magic Cylinder can. However, Draining Shield is more of a Side Deck material card, unlike the Cylinder. It can be very helpful against beatdown and good if you run a Saturn Deck.
See Magic Cylinder :D
The Bottom Line: Great Side Deck material, but dont Main it too often.
3. Spell Shield Type-8
Yes i am still doing SST8 for a review, even thought it is watered down.
Spell Shield Type-8 has 2 effects. It can give you a riryoku field effect or a magic jammer effect. Quite nifty huh? But then stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid (for more stupids ask me to email you some) Upperdeck changed it so that the magic jammer effect can only discard spells.
This ruins the card a lot. There is no sinister to come for your rescue this time. However i still use SST8 as it still is a very good card. It is good because you can choose what to do. You can use riryoku field or magic jammer. It makes it a whole lot more reliable. And the fact that spells should have a slot of about 3/7's of your deck. Just make sure you have one to discard.
The main use for it is the riryoku field effect which you may be surprised on how many spells it works against. Even them using equips to power up their own monsters! However you also sometimes need to use the magic jammer effect, so i say if you use this card be cautious and keep a spell ready in your hand unless you can finish off your opponent in that turn because one spell could ruin you.
The Bottom Line: Check it out and be surprised!
4. The Spell Absorbing Life
Now i bet none of you know what this card does. NONE of you. So i will explain it. Everyone has heard of Ceasefire right? How it is a g0dly trap? Well this is Ceasfire's little brother. It flips all face down defense position monsters face up and negates flip effects, and then you gain life points equal to 400 x the amount of effect monsters on the field!
Now is this good or what? Its chainable, its bait, its nice life gain, its common (w00t!) and it is also UNRESTRICTED! So for all of you Saturn decks look at this card! Its great! Now it is not half as good as Ceasefire because the aim is to lower your opponents life points but this is still a great card. It is great for beatdown, against beatdown, for scientist decks, saturn decks, any deck that relies on lots of lifepoints. Wait, scratch that, this belongs in any deck! Well not burn but who cares about burn?
You should try running some copies of this. I would suggest use it as a substitute until you can get Ceasefire or you could run it along with Ceasefire.
The Bottom Line: Its a great card, try it out and tell me your results.
5. Dark Ruler Ha Des
Dark Ruler, this is one of my most favourite cards. I love it even more since someone stole mine!  :( But anyway, I say this is underated because not many decks run it! It is only recommended for fiend decks, I find this is a big mistake.
Dark Ruler provides a great advantage, negating effects of monsters that fiends destroy which Dark Ruler is, a fiend. This is a devastating effect, your opponent cannot remove their DDWL to remove Dark Ruler, it will leave your opponent a bit spell-less, Dark Ruler will not be going to the graveyard or back to the deck, your  opponents deck will remain thicker and they wont be special summoning a Don or a DDWL and your opponent wont be as sinister with no discard bait. 
Okay did anyone get those obscure jokes? Okay what it means that, Dark Ruler will negate DDWL, Tomato and Angel, Magician of Faith, Cyber and Fiber Jar and Sinister Serpent! I think negating Sinister should make it a tournament worthy card!
What i am trying to say that Dark Ruler provides a great advantage by negating effects. In Advanced Format effects are everything! And it gets better in Fiends! But Dark Ruler is also shunted to the side in presence of Jinzo, Airknight and Vampire Lord (grr). In my opinion Dark Ruler is much better than Vampire Lord. He has great stats (2450/1600) and his effect about not being reborned is a downer but can be worked around with Fiber and with Monster Reincarnation! (which i got an ultimate rare version of, its pretty) And plus, most important of all, Its DARK! W00T!
The Bottom Line: Run it in front of V-lord except in zombies and abuse it especially in fiends!
An Overated Card
Waboku is an overated card. It hasnt got that great an effect, I run two but that is only until i get some sakuretsu armours. Lets go over it shall we?
Ok, for those people who say waboku provides field advantage, think again. All waboku does is delay the inevitable. Ok thats mean what i just said. Waboku is a good card and can help you with tributing but it does not provide field advantage. At the end of your turn you will be left with -1 card.
Sakuretsu Armour, on the other hand is a 1-1 trade off. So why use waboku when you can get field advantage? Well there are some pansies on pojo who say waboku is chainable therefore better than Sakuretsu. Well for those people, GET IN THE NOW!
Chainability as mentioned before is not much of an issue in the Advanced Format. Go back to Magic Cylinder and read my chainability argument again. Now that your back, you should realise that waboku, while a good card, is not a staple, it never was and that we are in the age of not much spell/trap removal. So you are allowed to go nuts with unchainable traps.
Waboku still stops all attacks though, and allows your opponent to waste valuable S/T removal on it but consider sakuretsu armour as a better card and providing field advantage.
The Bottom Line: Use it in traditional god damn it but dont go nuts about it in advanced.
2. Breaker the Magical Warrior
Woah you weren't expecting thise were you? Neither was I until i thought it up a couple of seconds ago.
Now a lot of people would be thinking that Azza has gone over the edge of insanity. Maybe i have. But Breaker, while good, doesnt provide too much advantage.
For the good points, Breaker is a 1900 if normal summoned, he has an MST effect for the cost of 300 attack points. And also, he is dark, making him wonderful for chaos (W00T) and that s/t removal in advanced is very scarce.
For the bad points, if Breaker is not normal summoned, he is a 1600 no effect Dark monster. Also there is the regular argument that he might hit a Dust Tornado, Waboku, Ring or the like and just wasted his counter. Also, a point not pointed out is the fact that unlike many other great effects like Tribe or CED or Levia Dragon or BLS is that Breaker does not have any priority when you summon him. If you summon him and ur opponent plays Trap Hole/Ring you do not get to chain the counter to a s/t. That is a bad thing for Breaker.
Overall, Breaker is a good card, he is very needed in the Advanced Format but i dont think he is worthy to be considered a form of s/t removal.
The Bottom Line: Think about cutting him in type themed decks for some more Dusts.
So there you are. 7 more cards being reviewed. My next article i will be talking about earth decks and that they are the true swamring decks, not warriors.
Love me, Hate me, Do i care? Talk to me at shiny_golden_boy@hotmail.com i accept msn contacts also.
Unitl the next time....