Top 5 Good Investments For Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and A Special Suprise by Dee


This is Derek Semeraro and I am going to list the top 5 ways you should spend your money on Yu-Gi-Oh cards with a special suprise.  After reading this, I hope you have learned to spend your money in a good way so you get better cards and save money.  If you need to contact me for something, my email address is  If you are a member of the Pojo forums, my login name is "Dum Manz Groop".  Well... Here it goes....



5. The Collector Tins-  They cost 20-25 dollars.  They come with 5 packs, a cool promo, and a tin to store cards in.  Packs cost 4 dollars a piece, the tin itself is being sold for 3 dollars, and the promos are being sold from 10-20 dollars. 


4. MasterCollection-  This costs 40 dollars.  This contains Exodia Head, Ha Des, Barrel Dragon, Necrofear, Thousand Eyes Restrict, Relinquished, 6 booster packs, and a case to store cards.  The promos are already worth the 40 dollars.  Is this a deal or what?


3. Dark Beginnings- Buying other packs are risky.  There is a slim chance of getting one of few good cards in the set.  Dark Beginnings has the best cards from the previous sets combined into this and some cool new ones.  It also has 12 cards per pack and a tip card, so you get bang for your buck.  This is not risky at all.  This is the only pack you should invest your money towards.


2. Protection- It is important to invest into card protection.  Card Sleeves, Deck Box,and a Card Portfolio can prevent peels, bends, spills, scratches, and rips.  It is important to buy this kind of stuff.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO RUIN YOUR CARD'S CONDITION!  It will make less people want it nd decrease its value by a lot.


1. Buying Singles- It is the best investment you can make.  Black Luster Soldier is a very powerful card and it sells for 80 dollars.  Why buy packs and try to find it?  It will take a lot of packs and it would be cheaper jut to buy it.  Same for other cards on your wish list. 


The Special Surprise I Promise You Guys...

Here it is... A list of bad investments...


Duel Disk- It is junk and only stores cards that have no card sleeves on them.  It is hard to put on your arm and it heavy.


Price Guide Magazines- It is cheaper if you print out price guides on the internet or just look at them.


Ebay- Do not buy cards on there unless the seller says it is 100% authentic and not tampered with. If they say that, hen they could get sued if it is fake or tampered with. They like to weigh packs.  They keep the good ones and sell the junk ones on Ebay.  Buying one in the store save you shipping cost, time, and risks of it being fake, weighed, or tampered with.


Boxes- They cost 80 dollars.  You will get duplicates of Rares and commons you DO NOT need.  The 4 holos you get are probably going to be junk.