something that i would like to see
hey guys its ben here.
i would like to bring up sumthing that has been shoved aside and probably never used. im talking about the dark crisis dark scorpions. now i personally dont know any card shops around in my area and even if i did theyd probably be too expensive for me. however i do have a ton of gorgs chicks meanaes musterings and dark scorpion attacks. i would like to see someone make a winning deck out of these monsters. dont you think it would be priceless seeing the look on your opponents face when u use mustering to summon all the dark scorps then play your face down dark scorpion attack and destroying your opponents hand and deck and dealing 2000 points of damage.
ok well thats all from me. hope atleast 1 or 2 of you try out this deck type. you could be delightly suprised.
oh i almost forgot you can contact me at
bye. ben