banisher of light... good or bad??? by ben the hen
hello pojo goers thanks for reading my tip. my name is ben and 2day im going 2 b talking about banisher of light.
now incase you dont know banisher of light is a monster with 2000 def 100 atk and its effect is whenever a monster is sent 2 the graveyard instead it is removed from play. well this card can counter a card running rampant everywhere. the dreaded chaos monsters. now chaos decks rely on monsters in the graveyard 2 remove from play and usually run shining fairy and mystic tomato. well banisher of light negates that effect and makes sure that no monsters go 2 the graveyard 2 b removed from play. your opponent may think twice about using tha pinaful choice. hmmmmm. also this deck can counter a not so common deck type but a very fun one the good old exodia. those pieces dont look so menacing now that theyre no longer in the game dont they. and hey guess wat  your butterfly dagger elma cant cum back. hey look exodia necross is now unsummonable. and u can just laugh and laugh and laugh and point and point and point and under the table u can kick them in the shins and say muahahahahaha!!! well mayb not the shins part but u sure can laugh at them.
like??? hate??? emails is u were wondering
hope u liked