When you open a pack-Jokerboy0004
This past weekend i went to a tourney i almost won and after i dropped out i went to the counter to talk with some friends they started ranting and i lost some intrest even though i hate people run the same deck and i saw some kids opening a pack.

When most people open packs they go straight to the rares and forget all the commons.  In my opinion when you open a pack you shouldnt just see if you got a holo or not som commons are better than alot of holos like waboku.  I remember opening a pack of lod and getting a injection fairy lily i already had two others i pulled a week ago and then i saw a warrior dai grepher right behind her and i was like yes i dont have one of these.  Totally annoying injection.  All i am trying to say is when you open packs spend times with your commons.  Yes i rush sometimes too we all do but most of the time save the suspense for the middle card.  I find out i get more holos waiting than just to rush to see a rare you already have.

Also how many of you after opening a pack and get a good card then look at what you got more and go "i dont have this card? and i didnt even notice?

If you have any hate mail (why would u send them any way with a article like this) or commets just send them to me at