This is my first time writing anything for pojo.My rant is that so many people try to build anti chaos decks but just about all of them fail and also what if the only deck you have is a good anti chaos deck and you end up facing a manticore beatdown that would searously suck.That is because there is really no way to stop chaos decks except from my experances manticore beatdown decks will stop chaos decks in their tracks.Also a good brick wall for a chaos deck to get stuck on is a last turn deck because the main point of strength in a chaos deck is it's strong as heck chaos monsters and if the person with the last turn deck has a reasonobly quick deck then the person with the chaos deck will get last turned.Well I guess that is the end of my rant and help with anti chaos decks.:my name is garren my mail is vista1314@verizon.net. like me or despise me mail me.