One Final Rant--Mich
    You know, it's funny.  Ever since the first rant I wrote about a month ago, all I have heard in response are two typical types of e-mail.  Those who completely disagreed with what I said, and those who told me to drop dead.  Granted, a few noble duelists who know what Yu-Gi-Oh is all about agreed with me, and I thank them.  So as a tribute to the people who agreed with me, and as a middle finger to all of those who didn't, here is my final rant about things I hate in Yu-Gi-Oh.
-Why do people who play Yu-Gi-Oh refer to themselves as duelists.  You are not competing in a life or death duel with a crazed maniac who wants to control the world.
-Why were duel disks created.  They are the stupidest thing to happen to Yu-Gi-Oh since Dungeon Dice Monsters.
-Why do the God cards have no text.  We know they cannot be used in tournaments, but now they don't even look real.
-Why does Pojo try to help fix people's decks by telling them to add cards that they probably can't afford.  Why tell a kid who plays no ultra or secret rares in his deck because he can't afford them to add a Vampire Lord, Jinzo, and an Imperial Order to improve his deck
-Why are the Gameboy promos so good, and more importantly, why do they sell for so much.  A Metalmorph is not worth $30 bucks.  You can buy the game and all three promos for that much. 
-Five syllables, The Falsebound Kingdom.  The worst game in the history of games. Period.
-Three more syllables, Mokuba.  The most annoying character in the history of annoying characters. He doesn't even duel.  AHHHH, I'm going crazy.
-People who complain about deck types.  I complain about alot of things , but never about specific deck types I think shouldn't be played. 
-People who say ranting and complaining is tearing Yu-Gi-Oh apart.  God I hate people like that.
-Most people is general, except for Pojo's Pook.  His articles are fun to read, and he is really cool guy who returned my e-mails.  I still want that autograph by the way.
-The subtitle "Enter the Shadow Realm" that is placed below the Yu-Gi-Oh trademark in the show's opening title. 
    Thanks you for reading 'til the end.  I tried to complain about stuff that most people could agree with and please remember to send me comments on this.  That is the whole reason why I write these.  If you send a comment, I will respond.  So e-mail me at  And please remember that I wrote this rant in a tribute to those who did respond and agreed with me.  And once again, for those who didn't, maybe you will now.