Nasty Combos With Ojamas FizzY A
One card that is really overlooked is Ojama trio. Yes this card may not pack the punch but with the right monsters you can leave your oponent stunned. Im going to list a  combo u can  pull of with th Ojama Trio card
 Cards need Ojama Trio along with Ausra Priest and Final Attack orders a dark hole is critical in this combo.
    First have your two trap cards set (Ojama Trio and Final Attack orders) next turn Dark Hole your oppnents monsters. then activate Ojama Trio which summons 3 Ojama tokens with 0 atk and 1000def in def mode on your oppenents side of the field. Then play final attack orders which switchs the tokens in attack mode. This is when u summon asura priest which allows u to attack all monsters on your oppenents side of the field. Attack all the ojam tokens to inflict
                                                    1700 atk of ausra
                                                        X3= 5100 damge to your oppnent  life points!! U can add ultimate offering to do more damage and go for the one turn KO blow or u should have Waboku as backup.
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