cure mermaid combos Celtic

Hi agian
I am getting good feedback so I figure I will keep this up
this time I want to adress cure mermaid a card I have based a lot of fun combos around
of course her main application is in a water deck, or is it?
I used her in a fire princess deck, an inaba white rabit deck, and any other deck that requires lp cost,
in a water deck she has a simple and obvious combo get legendary ocean and tornado wall down and use imperial order to stop most s/t removal then if you get cure mermail she negates the lp cost of imperial order and you gain 100 lp per turn
combo 2 was in fire princess or a stall deck. application here is mermaid + messenger of peace now I say fire princess because if you have the princess as well you gain 700lp and they loose 500lp
and finally along with fire princess idea is the inaba white rabit again use the same stall with messenger of peace but leave mermaid in def mode and let innaba white rabit eat away slowly at your oponents lp. if you get both these combos out then its just an annoying day at the duel for you oponent.
last 2 combos are really hard to pull off as I have found first hand but you get them and your oponent is crying, the first one is a good stall for water decks to replenish your hand after a few water combos you need time to draw again.
also the mermaid has aplications in any sort of lp cost deck and her main power I see is to off set the cost of imperial order, and really I don't think you oponent will use a raigeki or dark hole to take it out they will most likely attack with all the chaos and beatdown around so defend her with waboku and you get 800 lp and feild advantage.
catch ya later and send feedback good or bad