The overlooked cards of yugioh Spirit Monsters

Hello all MikeIke64 back with another article on overlooked cards
I will begin this article again by saying how much i dislike the plagued cards of yugioh and how it has trashed originality but anyway onto my article.
I can remember back in the days where dragon decks were a terrible power not to underestimate, over the gradual developement of yugioh more and more people took the easy route and sold their soul and lost their originality and transformed their decks into what everyone else had a beatdown deck. So i come to you today with a decks idea that shouldnt be overlooked.
Spirits have been around since the days of LOD and the only ones that see any play are yata-garasu and tsukoyomi, but mainly yata. The beauty of spirits is that they return to the owners hand at the endphase of every turn they are played face up on the field, which means that they are invungerable to a lot of cards in your opponents deck such as all non quick play magics. I knew the moments spirits were released that they were going to be deadly. The only problem proved to be that you could never keep a monster on the field and your oponent was free to attack you. But for every problem there is a solution. Remember utimate offering it says "at the cost of 500 lifepoints a player is allowed and extra normal summon or set. There you have it for a mere 500 life points you can play one of your spirits every turn. This may seem like a lot of life points to spend but spring of rebirth makes it so you can gain the 500 life you spent back. The only trouble you will ever run into is magic/trap removal get a few judegement of anubis and your set as well as other counters. I believe spirit decks could whomp tourney decks you have susa soldier to hand all of the 1900 attack beatsticks and tsykuyomi to put anything into defense with an attack higher than 2000. since you cant special summon any of your spirits out of the graveyard you can play with necrovalley to make the odds even for both you and your opponent. you also have spirits invitation a trap card that allows you return one of your opponents monsters everytime one of yours returns if you have this card on the field with ultimate offering, an inaba white rabbit, and a tsykuyomi you have your opponents in a lock. If they summon to attack you black with tsykuyomi  if they set a monster it still works for you. Your turn you summon inaba attack directly and return they monster they played to their hand. Asura priest is another deadly card with windstorm of equata or the common card equivilent to it you can kill nearly every monster that your opponent is going to have on the field. Cyber jar is another great card for a spirit deck allows you to draw more of your cards and build up your set up. Most importantly the fiber jar is needed to free your spirits from the graveyard I will close this article with the statement that all duelist should be original.
Top spirit cards
Yata-garasu, Tysukuyomi, Inaba White Rabbit, Spring of Rebirth, Spirit's Invitation, Asura Priest, Necrovalley, Cyber Jar, Fiber Jar, Susa Soldier, Otohime, Cat of Ill Omen, Ultimate Offering, Hino Kago Tsuchi, Dark Dust Spirit, Creature Swap, Life Absorbing Machine, Maharagi, Judgement of Anubis, 
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