Spirit Stratigies-Faceless_Fool


Now i usuialy try to run a spirit deck, however i do not have enough spirts to make it work, i have found however, that there is a great combonation to use in any spirit deck.
Spring of Rebirth+Ultimate Offering
Spring of Rebirth: Whenever a creature on the field is returned to his owners hand, you gain 500 life points
Ulitmate offering: pay 500 life points to play an extra Normal or tribute summon
ok, for this combonation to work, you need to have a moderately powerful creature on the field. then play Spring of Rebirth and Ultimate offering. then special summon as many spirits as you want to the field, paying 500 LP per spirit. after the spirits have been summoned, they all return to your hand, Gaing 500 LPs and effectively negateing Ulitmate Offering cost.  though you are stuck with summoning extra spirits and useing up two T/M spaces. it can be used effectively, especialy with Susa soldiger eazialy taking down most defensive creatures, Fusi nor tori gaining aditional LP's and Inabada white rabbit dealing direct dammage.