Even More Rants--Mich

Thanks to the good response I received from my previous "What's Happening" rant, I have decided to post another one. Please remember that I am fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and not a hater who just sucks at the game.  Here are some more rants I have...
-How does a Royal Decree go for over $100??? If you are going to play cards I hate, at least play Tinzo, he can at least attack.
-Why is Mechanical Chaser even a card? The are basic rares stronger than this coveted card, but people still want a Mech Chaser.
-Black Luster Soldier and CED are too easy to summon.  There cards are too damn good to be so easy to get out.
-People who don't take care of their cards.  I hate to see duelists with good cards that are in crappy condition (no trade value)
-People who are babies about their cards (won't even let you see them in fear they will be contaminated or stolen)
-The other few Millenium items that play no role in the show yet.
-People who use the word staple. There is no such thing because no card has to be used in any deck. (Be orginal, please)
-People who complain about whether it is called Magic or Spell.  they are both stupid. (we should have stolen enchantment from Magic)
-Claiming that Yu-Gi-Oh is the most popular TCG. If yugioh is popular in 2012, we can compare it to Magic the Gathering.
Expect a few more rants sometime in the future.  Please leave me comments through email at NCFan421@aol.com (don't just stay I'm stupid, please leave an actual comment or something of the sort) Doesn't matter whether it is good, bad, or ugly.
Signing off...............................Mich