Deck tips for fun decks - VENOM

now im not the greatist duelist in the world, nor am i the worst, i tend to hang aroung on the good side of 'middle rank'. my deck is not the most powerful but it is godd, and full of cool cards.
 in my opinion dueling is more fun when you follow my simple rules for deck building.
 have 1 lv 7 - 8 monster in as a trump card.unless this card is witchable [ levia dragon, mystical knight of jackal] it should have a special summoning ability[black luster soldier envoy of the begginning,chaos emperor dragon] and should have 2600 atk or over aswell as a great ability.
You should then have two low level sacrifice monsters that are witchable of have great effects eg Jinzo, Vampire lord, Arch fiend of lightning.
now throw in some high attack lv 4's [around 5]. some should be base 1900's and others should be 2000 +, to give the deck safety and strength.
Now find yourself a 'mini army' of monsters that no one else really uses that have good effects. i find a sasuke samurai works well and d.d. warrior ladies.
Next throw in the kinds of monsters you always throw in to complete the moster side of your deck - cyber jar , witch of the black forest etc...
For the magics throw in all the one you normally have in aswell as some different ones - exchange, card destruction etc... to complete the fun deck.
NOTE : to maximise fun potential do not use more than one copy of a card in the deck [ i find that having two copies steal sthe light from the card in general] and the deck sholud have about 20 monsters and 20 magic/traps
and that is my idea on fun dueling- maybe you don't agree, maybe you now want to hail me as your new god, but either way im a kid trying to put his mark on dueling. i want everone who has read this article to atleast try my ideas, then write back to me at
and tell me of your experiences dueling with my deck plan
VENOM of the Trinity of power