Subject: Tourney report: F/S twist, Lee Tantral at Hurricane collectibles in Flushing, NY
F/S-esque deck
Lee Tantral
Tourney at:
Hurricane Collectibles
Flushing, New York
~54 people total on 7/27/2002

General report: Lots of kiddies, most of whom have some idea of what they're doing, but run a deck based on the starter (kaiba or yugi) or a horrid variation of F/S. Few, if any Barrel Dragon decks. One or two exodia decks. Few stall. Mostly F/S-esque decks.

NOTE: this tourney did NOT allow any of the DDS promos that were not already printed in english.
Acid Trap hole

First to note, it's an F/S deck that runs a few defensive monsters and more removal as to remove creatures from the board (e.g. Mystical elf/Giant soldier of stone and Hane-hane) as to facilitate damage, as well as provide a way to deal with Shield and sword in case stall is being played (bear in mind this was my first tourney at Hurricane, so I wasn't aware of what was running around)

Anyway, the deck and sideboard
Magic/Trap: (24)
1 tribute to the doomed
3 Trap hole
1 Pot of greed
1 monster reborn
1 raigeki
1 dark hole
2 Magic Jammer
1 mirror force
1 card destruction
1 seven tools of the bandit
3 fissure
2 stop defense
1 change of heart
2 Heavy storm
2 Swords of revealing light
1 Robbin' Goblin
Monsters (23)
1 Catapult turtle
2 Giant soldier of stone
1 Magician of faith
1 Mystical elf
2 Seven colored fish
1 Neo the Magic swordsman
3 La Jinn
1 Wall of illusion
2 Blue-Eyes White dragon
2 Summonsed Skull
2 Dark elf
1 Hane-Hane
3 Man-Eater bug
2 Robbin' goblin
1 Card Destruction
1 Dark elf
2 Neo the magic swordsman
2 Yami
1 Shield and Sword
1 Reverse trap
1 Ultimate offering
1 Trap master
2 Hane-Hane
1 Kuriboh

Round 1 vs. David. Nice kid. I hope he finds the Sanga of the Thunder he lost, but anyway, on to the report. He played a modified F/S deck, but it ran much slower because of certain changes and size.
A bit of a doozy of a first match, but I stalled him out with two Swords of Revealing light and a magician of faith to pull it back for a third go. Worked out nicely with a catapult turtle to push it for the last few damage I needed.
Game two was quick. My hand consisted of:
1 Tribute to the doomed
1 Monster reborn
1 Dark elf
1 Blue eyes
...and the last I forgot
He went first: plays a monster and a few trap/Magic
My turn: I draw a heavy storm, nuke his field with the heavy storm and tribute to the doomed, and chuck the Blue eyes to the tribute. Play dark elf, monster reborn and zot him for 5000
his turn: draws... and forfeits
1st match to me..with a little bit of luck

2nd round. Frank, who promised me a copy for FF:tactics after a long discussion on RPGs, played an Exodia/Beatdown deck: a variation of Nick's exodia deck (under Nick's take) replacing cannon soldiers and some magic with Summoned skulls, and high defense monsters and shield and sword for a stall-esque beatdown in case things go horridly wrong...
or if the opportunity arises
1st match: it went back and forth, but he eventually pummeled me to death with his Shield and Sworded monsters.
2nd match:  I side in two Robbin' goblin and one Card Destruction and take out one Mystical elf, a trap hole, and a wall of illusion. Catapult turtle fires off a double volley of Blue-Eyes thanks to a monster reborn, as well as one dark elf to deal 4000. After his Swords dies out, he's konked out by my fish, among other creatures. (at which point I do my "fish dance")
3rd Match: Pure luck. He draws three exodia pieces in his opening hand. by the third turn, plays a pair of sangans, which I promptly raigeki...

Bah.. there's always next month...