Dave Pawlak
     Cheektowaga, New York
      July 31, 2002
     Leftys corner, 6 people

      Woo, this was gonna be fun, six whole people.  Prize outlook was lousy, but we decided on having a tourney anyway.
Heres what my deck looks like:


4x Diabolic Edict
2x Chainers Edict
4x Dark Ritual
2x Urzas Rage
3x Breath of Darigaaz


4x Phrexian Scuta
4x Spiritmonger
3x Sengir Vampire
3x Flametounge Kavu
3x Ernham Djinn
2x Stalking Bloodsucker
2x Voracious Cobra
2x Mesmiric Fiend
1x Griven ill Vec


7x Swamp
6x Mountain
3x Llanowar Wastes
3x Karplusion Forest
2x Sulfurious Springs

No sideboard

We only had 2 hours, so we opted 4 no sideboard, and as you can see, anything goes where we play.  We had 4 rounds, top 4 go to the finals.

Round 1
Me vs. Justin with Blue Green Speed

O goode, me and my arch enemy right off the bat.  I like the kid, but hes like the best person there, and he usually beats me.  I start of first, and get a lovely turn 2 scuta.  He Aether Bursts it,and hits me with a basking rootwalla.  Next turn i play a Mesmeric Fiend and take a wild mongrel.  No matter for him, he drops a Aquameoba and hits for another three with the walla.  I tried to mount some offense, but another Burst and an opposition, combined with a roar of the worm does me in.  He shuts me out, 20 life to 0.  Not a good start.

Record 0-1

Round 2
Me vs Garrett with speed green deck

Hehe, garrett was using a deck i built for him but he got severly mana screwed. He started good with a third turn Phantom Centaur, but i chumped it once with a mesmeric fiend, and then i droped a ftk on my turn, and when attacked, i blocked it with my kavu, which killed it.  All he had left was a Llanowar elf, and on my next turn, i cast an ernie, and next turn a spiritmonger. Garrett drew more land, i i eventully beat him.

Record 1-1

Third round
Me vs Alex with Black Red Beatdown

My cousin, with one mean deck.  i dont remember much about this match, except that i won.  I think he got mana screwed, cuz i dont remember seeing any of his creatures.  The whole third round is kinda a blur.


Round 4
Me vs jeff with green white beatdown

My bother this time.  He plays a normal green beatdon machine, but uses the dreaded wall of glare/inveitabiltiy combo.  He never saw the wall though, but he started off good.  I got off a quick scuta, and he got a blasty.  We sort of traded creatures and damage for a while, and then, with the board clear, we each had 7 life left.  I drew a Urzas rage, and rejoiced.  I cast a kicked Breath of Darigaaz for four, and then raged him for 3.  WOOHOO, finals, here i come.


Semi Final Match
Me vs Justin

DAAAAH, shoot.  I didnt wanna play justin first round.  O well, i started of fast again with a 2nd turn mesmeric fiend, and then a 3rd turn ftk.  God, this was one of the biggest creature slaughters i had taked part in in a long time.  I used 6 removal spells on his creatures, and he knocked of 2 of my scutas, a monger, a sengir, an ftk, 2 ernies and my mesmeric fiend. I lucked out in the end though.  After turns of creature death due to blocking he only had a roar of the worm token and an aquameoba out. I had a non kickered scuta
( I only had 6 life left), an ernie, and a monger.  I attacked with everybody, knocking him down to 4 life. (He was at 7, and took 3 from my scuta)  Then, i cast a kickered breath of darigaaz, for the win.


Me vs Alex

I was afraid.  In the semi Final, Alex got an absolutely Phenominal draw.  He had 3 dark rituals and a Laquataa's champion, and he beat my brother in like,4 turns.  I was hoping he didnt get that again. I went first, and threw down a swamp. He drops a swamp, and a dark ritual, and i go "O crap".  But wait, he miscounted mana, he cant do anything. He takes it back and passes. I drop a mountain, and a fiend, and take the dark ritual.  He calls  me a bad name.  He passes.. I go, and drop a scuta.  He passes. I hit him for 6.  He drops another swamp and passes. I hit him for 6 more. He passes again. I attack for 6 again. He draws a mountain, and terminates my scuta.  Daaaah, crap.  I draw a breath of Darigaaz.  I hit him for 1 with the fiend, and then fire off a breath for 1.  HOOHA, i won.

I got a pack of Weatherlight and a pack of 5th for my effort.
I pulled a Bad Moon and  Peace Keepr.  Meh, not bad, and I had a good time.


To Justin, cuz our Finals game was fun as hell.
To my cousin, for pulling off a first turn champion.
To everybody who showed up, cuz one person less, and we probally wouldnt jhave had a tourney
To Breath of Darigaaz, which won me 50 percent of my games.

No slops, it was a good time.
wait, no, slops to Grieven ill Vec, cuz i was hoping this would be the first time i could cast the big lug, but i never drew him.

            Im gladly taking emails from anyone on improvements for this deck.  As u can see by the cards in it, it could use a tune up.

My email is