Subject: Deck Destruction- Sakuda
Its me again Sakuda with another tourney report my deck is called monster destruction I played in a tourney in cape cod Mass I was there on vacation I played  at some card store it was July 28, 2002 anyway it was swiss after the third  round it was elimination 17 kids particapated first was 25 dollars store credit and two MR packs second was 15 and one MR pack and third was 10 and one pack.

Monster Destuction - Contains 47 cards the theme is to destroy opponents monster  to
                              do direct damage It still needs some work I plan on getting another Dark Elf and La Jinn


2x Summoned Skull                  
2xBarrel Dragon                  
Curse of Dragon                    
King of Yamamaki                  
La Jinn the Genie of the Lamp   
2x Neo Magic Swordsman         
2x 7 Colored Fish
2x Wall of Illusions                   
2x Man Eater Bug                      
2x Witch of the Black Forest      
Magician of faith                      
Dark elf                                   
2x Mystical elf                          
Ryu Kishen Powered               
Big Eye                                


2x Fissure                      
Soul exchange                
Dark hole                          
Monster reborn                    
Card destruction               
Change of heart                  
Dien keto cure master         
Sword dark destruction  
Book of secret arts              
Stim Pack                        


Mirror Force          
Horn of Heaven      
2x Waboku            
2x Trap hole          
Magic jammer           
2x Ultimate Offering
2x Acid trap holes

Side Deck(15)

2x White Magical Hat
2x Robbin Goblin
Card Destruction
2x Dragon Capture Jars
2x Jirai Gumo
Sword of Dark Destruction
2x Sword of Deep-Seated
Book of Secret Arts
Ring of Magnetism

Ok here we go first round was Mick and a Exodia Deck I checked it out before we fought so I put 2x robin goblin and card destruction and 2x white magical hat in my deck instead of 2x mystical elf and dark hole and 2x fissure my hand was Barrel Dragon white magical hat riageki  trap hole and acid trap hole lucky me
Sweet he placed witch of black forest down in defence I played white magical hat he tried summoning sangan I trap holed it I then riageki him he got a exodia piece I then atk with white magical hat destroying it then basically played and won with white magical hat and barrel dragon until he killed white magical hat and barrel dragon with his own riageki then I won with neo equipped with book of secret arts  next match I lost although I attacked with summoned skull and la jinn mostly until he mirror forced and pulled exodia next match I won with man eater killing his sangan then me wining with white magical hat destroying his sword of deep seated over and over again he couldn’t draw because of it nice

In between matches I placed my normal cards back into the my deck that I had before placing Jira Gumo instead of mystical elf.

Next match was against Ana she had a Lord of D. Deck and played dragons like BEWD and REBD and Tri Horn Dragon pretty good considering how fast it was the first game she couldn’t  get flute of summoning dragon so Summoned Skull tore up her life points next match she did get it and got BEWD and Tri horn drgon doing 5850 damage to me I think it was she was keeping track of lp but I riageki and got la gin to do 1800 then when she tried to do it again I magic jammed her and I won with Jurio Gumo Helping me out a lot although hurting me sometimes. That was too much for me I stepped out and got some food and waited for the next round.

Im 2 and 0 Next match was vs. some 8 year old who lost every match so far he had a kiaba deck. I basically destroyed him with summoned skull and 7 colored fish the first time then the second time I beat him with Barrel Dragon It was quick easy and it was a given win.

3 and 0 their was a few other kids with the same record Ana and Mick were 2 and 1 and only 8 kids got to stay and compete now it was elimination I Kept Jiro Gumo in my deck