Total Destruction

Ali Jaffery

Tourney #5

Hurricane Cards and Comics

Flushing, New York

7/27/02 2:00PM


Monsters (23)

2 Mask of Darkness

2 Magician of Faith

2 Giant Soldier of Stone

2 Wall of Illusion

2 Witch of Black Forest

3 Man-Eater Bug

3 Summoned Skull

2 Blue Eyes White Dragon

3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie

2 7 Colored Fish


Magic Cards (18)

2 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Monster Reborn

2 Card Destruction

2 Heavy Storm

3 Fissure

1 Pot of Greed

1 Raigeki

1 Dark Hole

1 Change of Heart

2 Soul Exchange

2 Tribute to the Doomed

1 Shield and Sword


Trap Cards (15)

3 Trap Hole

3 Magic Jammer

3 Seven Tools of the Bandit

2 Waboku

2 Robbin Goblin

1 Ultimate Offering

1 Mirror Force


23+15+19= 57 Cards


16 Total Participants

Ali (Me), Justin, Andrew, Jerry

Jason, Hanna, Katherine, Jane

David, Rachel, Bobby, Henry

Terry, Daniel, Gary, Derek


Well there was a $3 entry fee and the prizes were great. 1st-4th places got prizes. The Rules were no Japanese Cards allowed and regular Upper Deck Restrictions but it was 1/1 not 2/3. This made me happy because I have a tendency of screwing up right when I am winning and it was 15-minute rounds. If the time limit is exceeded the person with the most Life Points left is declared the winner.

1st Place- $50 Store Credit and 2 Boxes of Each Set Including Japanese

2nd Place- $25 and 1Box of Each Set Including Japanese

3rd Place- 30 Boosters of Your Choice

4th Place- 10 Cards of Your Choice + 10 Boosters of Your Choice


It was a 7 Round Swiss Battle and then they have a Top 4. There would be byes. A win meant 3 points a draw meant 2 points and a loss meant 1 point.


Round 1

Bye for me


3 Points


Round 2 vs Daniel(Dragon Deck)

Well it started it out great. I had tribute to the doomed, summoned skull, la jinn the mystical genie, fissure, and Raigeki. I went first. I layed down la jinn face down and put down a trap hole I just drew face down. He went and layed down a baby dragon face down. I actiavate trap hole and baby is gone. He passed. I drew a pot of greed and I used it getting another trap hole and a witch of black forest. I tribute la jinn and lay down summoned skull. I lay down a trap hole and attack with summoned skull. He draws and has no monsters or traps. I go drawing another summoned skull. I lay down the la jinn and also lay down a seven tools of the bandit. Attack! He goes and lays down something I donít know I think itís a mirror force. He passes. I draw a card Heavy Storm. I use it sending away all magic + traps. It was a mirror force but heck I could have just used seven tools. I attack and good game.


6 Points


Round 3

Another Bye. Woo hoo!!


9 Points


Round 4 vs Katherine (A deck similar to mine)

The worst hand ever. All I get is 2 blue eyes, a summoned skull, a magician of faith and a dark hole. She goes first layes down a couple of traps and some thing face down. I draw a card pot of greed. I use it but she uses a magic jammer =(. I lay my magician of faith facedown and pass. She turns it over and itís a neo the magic swords man. She attacks and kills it but I recover pot of greed. My turn I get a giant soldier of stone. I use a pot of greed and I get a shield and sword and a swords of revealing light. I play swords of revaliing light. I lay down my giant soldier of stone attack position and use shield and sword. I attack and kill neo. Her turn she gets nothing and passes. I draw a man eater bug and lay it down face down and attack with giant soldier of stone but she uses Waboku. Ok. She gets a monster but face down and passes. I draw a robbin goblin. I activate man eater bug and destroy her magician of faith. Attack. Ok she gets something but its not a monster. Itís a trap. I go lay down a heavy storm. Then I tribute both monsters and get blue eyes. I attack. One more turn and I win. She lays down a trap and passes. I lay down a seven tools of the bandit that I just drew. Then attack. She flips over mirror force and so I activate sevemn tools and I win.


12 Points


Well I remember taking a lunch break but I donít remember the next 2 matches. All I remember is that I won both so.


18 Points

 I check the standings and woo hoo Iím in the top 4 as #1.


Round 7 Vs Jane (I donít know her deck a weird one though)

 Arghh. I have to play my girl friend but we decide to do an intentional draw.


20 Points


Standings (Going into the Top 4)

1st Place- Derek (7-0-0)

2nd Place- Ali (6-0-1) and Jane (6-0-1)

3rd Place- Terry (6-1-0)

4th Place- Andrew (5-1-1)


Oh well since 5 ppl were in the Top 4 they decided to kick out Andrew. Haha.

Sorry man.


Top 4 (Single Elimination)

Ali Vs Jane

Derek Vs Terry


Semi-Finals Vs Jane

Ok since there was no intentional draw allowed in the playoffs we decided to play.

Duel! Ok I got a great hand going into this match but she won the flip. She put down a magic or trap down and passed. I go put down a seven tools of the bandit and a trap hole. I lay down La Jinn she activates trap hole, I activate Seven tools and then attack. She goes and lays down a monster face down and passes. I go and draw pot of greed. I use it and get tribute to the doomed and a magic jammer. I lay down magic jammer then use tribute to the doomed and bury my mask of darkness. I tribute my la jinn for summoned skull and also lay down an ultimate offering and then I attack. She draws a card and uses fissure I activate magic jammer and discard a shield and sword. She passes. I draw a man-eater bug and lay it face down. Attack with summoned skull. She goes and lays down a monster facedown. I draw a blue eyes white dragon. I flip over man eater bug and kill her monster then I tribute both and bring blue eyes out. Obliterate and I win!!! Woo hoo. Jane was not sad at all. Thatís what I like about her. She takes losses pretty well.

Well Derek beat Terry in a few turns so I realized how hard it was gonna be for me.


23 Points


Championship Match Vs Derek(With a Spell caster deck)

I came into this match too confident and for that I payed. Yes I did lose but here is the match. I started with absolutely no monsters in my hand. And he went first. He got 2 Dark Magicians out pretty fast because of his Ultimate Offering. Little did I know I could also use it. I was able to defend my self for the first 5 turns but from there downhill. By Turn 10 it was 5200-300. I got a Raigeki woo hooo. I used it. I played a la jinn with a summoned skull in my hand. Attack! 3400-300. He got no monsters or trap or magic. I go get summoned skull up and running with a Giant Soldier of Stone in my hand. This is where I couldíve won the match because ultimate offering was still in play.  900-300. Iím coming back. He gets pot of greed lays down a trap and uses fissure on my skull and passes. I play a giant soldier of stone and he activates a trap hole. He draws and plays a man-eater bug. He attacks with it and wins. 900-0





Well here are the Final Standings of the Top 4.

1st- Derek

2nd Me (Ali)

3rd- Jane

4th- Terry


Well the prize was great. Still didnít open all of the boxes.



Me for 2nd Place

Jane for taking the loss pretty well

All the opponents for being good sports.

Jane .



No Slops this time.


Go New York Mets and Jets!!!! They own.


Ali Jaffery (Killer_AJ)



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