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Rest and Relaxation


Card Number - Dark Portal Loot Card

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.50
Constructed: 3
Casual: 3.50
Raid: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.10.08


Rest and Relaxation

4 cost Ability

Ongoing: 1, activate, Exhaust two allies in your party >> Draw a card.

This isn't too bad.  Its a pretty solid draw card for any class, any faction.  Sure, you need to exhaust 2 ally cards, but hey... if you do it at the end of your opponents turn, it works out well.  :)

Sealed: 4/5  A little card advantage in sealed can go a long way.

Constructed: 3/5  Solid.  Not amazing, but definitely usable.

Casual: 3/5  Same as Constructed... nothing particularly "fun" about it.

Raid: 3/5  Not too bad here, especially if you have an over- abundane of allies.  Take advantage of it while you can, as you might not have those allies for long... :D

Phil Novikov
Rest and Relaxation

As far as you know, the unwritten law about the card advantage is one of the most important things in the trading card games. Basically it says: the player who has more cards both in hand and in play wins the game. So the card we are looking at today gives you the much-needed advantage, each of your turns. Paying (1) and exhausting two of your allies is not a big cost to draw a card – just look at the quests, they usually make you pay (2) and meet some requirements (like playing an ally card the turn you complete the quest, which is the case of Hellfire Fortifications) to draw a card. Rest and Relaxation is the neutral ability and can fit into nearly every non-solo deck. The good thing to do is to do is to use it with the small token allies you get from the quests like "An OOX of Your Own" or "Are We There, Yeti?". Moreover, exhausting an ally is not always a big disadvantage – you can use, for example, some Aldor allies that "inspire" your allies and ready them during your opponent’s turn.

Sealed: 5/5 I think it’s just great. In the middle of the game and in the late game this card can be very useful. Just pay a cost of (1) and exhaust two relatively weak allies to draw a much expected new card.

Constructed: 3/5 Solo decks are have begun to invade the tournament scene, so this card doesn’t see much play. Even in aggro decks it’s not too playable since your opponents will surely destroy it sooner or later.

Casual: 4/5 Pretty good. As I have mentioned before, it’s very useful with small allies that you have brought to game earlier or with tokens.

Raid: 2/5 Hmm. Raid bosses have plenty of removal (mass removal included), so I don’t think you should put it into your deck before going to Ony or MC.




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