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Card of the Day
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Arcane Explosion


Card Number - MOL-44

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.50
Constructed: 3.50
Casual: 4.00
Raid: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.28.08


Hello everyone and welcome to another COTD with Ivnmetal!
Today's card is from our newest Set,March of the Legion, "Arcane Explosion". 
Lets get er' done!!!
Instant Ability-Arcane / Cost 6 / Mage
Your hero deals 1 arcane damage to each opposing hero and ally. Draw a card for each character dealt damage this way.
 This little fancy card has a big cost for dealing 1 damage to every oppossing ally, this is pretty much a "Frost Nova". With an added $bonus$ of drawing 1 card for every damage you dealt, which I think is sexy! Just kidding. What's also cool about this 6 Cost card is that it doesn' target. So Rush will have a little trouble with you. Just be careful with Gift of the Wild type decks and Draenie, they love powering there little weenie allies. The downside of this card,which I hate to say,it deals ONLY 1 damage. Now a days. Dealing 1 damage is no good. But be careful when you play Horde type decks. This cards is actually no good vs. them. I wish I can actually break this card, but I'm seeing that it wont do much. There's actually cards that can help this card deal more then just 1. I'll leave ya'll (sorry I'm Texan), to figure out this cards true power. I hope in later sets they make Mage running lots of abilities much helpful!
Art: 5/5
Arcane Explosion
Mage ability cost 6
The papa of Frost Nova...not only do you get to ping every opposing ally and hero, you get to draw a card for each ally and hero you pinged. 
This allows you to fuel Runesong Dagger, drawing some more cards to further complicate your opponents life.  Rush decks beware, if the mage can stall until turn 6, most of your allies will disappear and the mage will have a full hand of cards, awaiting the next barrage.  This card seems best in a control type deck, taking advantage of Runesong Dagger and Devil-Stitched Leggings, but don't limit it to pure defense, there are plenty of allies and abilities that will power up the damage inflicted.
Drawing cards is what will keep the mage in many battles, hopefully this card will bolster the mage class so they can start to compete in future events.
Sealed:  5/5  Sweeps the board and draws cards, what is not to like.  Could be a bomb in sealed.
Constructed:  4/5  Same as above, but it needs help.  I would try and find 2+ spots in my deck.
Casual:  5/5  Massive damage, great draw power...Nothing like a Frost Nova followed by an Arcane Explosion to get your opponents blood boiling.
Raid:  3/5  Great against those pesky baby dragons, not so great against Rags, against Mathy almost negligible.  Situational, depends which one you are raiding.



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