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Card Number - FOO-25

Card Rating:

Sealed: 1.90
Constructed: 3.20
Casual: 4.00
Raid: 2.20

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.26.0


This is a welcome addition to the Feral Druid's arsenal, especially with the big fat protectors from FOO on the loose now. Being able to swing into the opposing hero's face without having to worry about protectors is a huge bonus to Telrander etc, and the fact that Prowl bounces back to your hand instead of being destroyed makes it even better.

Constructed 3.5/5
Sealed 1/5
Casual 4/5
Raid 1/5

aka Warchief Thrall


Prowl obviously is a Druid card, but I’m not sure if it’s going to find it’s way into the druid’s deck.

The best thing about this card is, that it recycles him self, so you’ll be stealthy each turn as soon as you draw it.


It sure is nice to go around all those protectors out there, but is it worth it?

Time will tell I guess.


Sealed: 2/5
Constructed: 2/5
Casual: 5/5
Raid: 1/5


See You on the Battlefield


Warchief Thrall

Prowl (Druid)

1 cost Plot Twist

Ability- Feral

Ongoing: Your hero has stealth while in cat form.

When your hero deals damage, put Prowl into its owners hand.

This is kinda fun.  Having stealth means never having to hear "I'm blocking".  Of course, with this card, you have to re-cast it every turn.  Of course, it DOES only cost 1 to cast.  When combined with the other cards from earlier this week (Cat Form and Predatory Strikes), you can get a guaranteed 3 damage on your opponents hero every turn.

Sealed: 2/5  Not particularly amazing unless you get alot of other feral druid cards, and totally useless if you don't have some way to turn into cat form.

Constructed: 3/5  If you are playing a Feral druid, you are probably going to want to put this in your deck.

Casual: 4/5  Like the other cards this week, Prowl is a fun card in a casual deck.

Raid: 2/5  See my last two "Raid" ratings. 
Your hero has stealth while in Cat Form. YEEESSSS!! Now my cat person can work his/her way around any pesky little protector and REALLY end this game early by going straight for the opposing hero. It’s a 1 cost that goes back to the hand if you do damage. Just play it again when you’re ready to attack the next turn. In my opinion, this is a great card for form decks.

Sealed: 1.5
Constructed: 4.5
Sealed: 4.5
Raid: 4.0
turkeyspit Prowl

One of the obstacles that face a Feral Druid deck are Protectors. Since it's primary win condition is to strike hard and fast, a wall of protectors can really slow you down. Cards like Guardian Steelhorn and Steepstrider, and the newly released Kulvo can make it very expensive for your Hero to smash through your opponent's defenses.

Enter Prowl!

This ongoing ability grants your Hero Stealth while in Cat Form. This means that you can attack around your opponent's protectors, and score direct damage on their hero. Just like most stealth abilities, once your hero inflicts damage, they will lose stealth. The good news though, is that Prowl will return to your hand instead of going to the graveyard, which means you can use it again that turn, or in subsequent turns. With the low cost of 1, Prowl is an easy investment to make to get past your opponent's defenses.

Prowl is best left to your side deck, as not every player runs a host of Protectors in their deck, and it's quite useless against a Solo deck. There are some instances though, where Prowl isn't the best card to use. One of them is in combination with tomorrow's card, which I will cover in tomorrow's review, so stay tuned!


2/5 - while Protectors can be a major pain in Sealed, you probably would be better off drafting allies, quests or abilities.

3/5 - a definite side-deck card, Prowl helps you get around the wall of protectors run by most control-based decks.

2/5 - Casual decks usually are less conservative, so you are apt to see less protectors.

1/5 - Molten Core has a small amount of Protectors, but for the most part, Prowl would be useless.



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