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One-Thousand Battles


Card Number - FOO-181

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.75
Constructed: 3.25
Casual: 3.50
Raid: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.21.0



1000 Battles

This guy fills the 3-drop hole in the awesome Horde protectors lineup. Horde now have a relentless stream of ultra-efficient protectors from Scout Omerta to Guardian Steppestrider. How will the rush decks survive?

With a huge 5 health, I’d say this guy is better than his blue counterpart Kulvo, but there is the downside that he can be manipulated by your opponent. Elusive dudes can, well, elude 1000 Battles when he’s forced to attack, but they’ll still have to find an answer for him eventually.


Constructed 5/5

Sealed 5/5

Casual 5/5

Raid 4/5

lol... what is the common link between this weeks cards?  It takes me until the last card for teh week to figure out that they are all common cards.  I'm such a moron.  Granted, I don't know if that is why they were chosen, but they are still all common.  :)

One-Thousand-Battles (Horde)

3 cost, 3 ATK (Melee), 5 Health

Ally- Tauren Druid


At the start of your turn, an opponant chooses one:

One-Thousand-Battles can't attack this turn; or

One-Thousand-Battles must attack this turn if able.

Ewwy.  On the surface, 3 for a 3/5 protector is great.  His drawback makes him almost totally useless, though.  If your opponant has no allies, 1k Battles can't attack.  If your oppoant has a bigger ally, 1k Battles MUST attack, and will most likely die a miserable, horrible, painful death.  OK, so maybe it'll be 2 attacks, cuz 5 health is kinda hard to take out in one shot.  On the whole, I'm not to fond of this guy.

Sealed: 2/5  Play him if ya gotta, but don't rely on him.

Constructed: 1/5 You can find MUCH better stuff than this.

Casual: 2/5 He's not even very fun to play.  Letting yoru opponant have too much control over your side of teh game kinda is teh suck.

Raid: 1/5 FOrget about it.  Ony and MC will make this guy absolutly dead or useless.

I'm open to hearing opinions on this: DarrisHellBinde@yahoo.com



Ok, decent card but with a strange effect.  Horde ally. Stats are great at 3-3-5.  He is a protector, but at the start of your turn, the opponent chooses one: either he can’t attack, or must attack if able.  At first the card seems useless because your opponent can choose that he can’t attack every turn, so all he does is sit there and protect.  But really, that’s ok, because of one important thing- 5 HEALTH.  It is very difficult to get rid of a 5 health ally.  And one with protector can survive two or maybe even three attacks if you’re dealing with little rushers.  The 3 attack means he’ll kill most every ally that attacks him.  So although you might not be attacking at all with this ally, you’ll be getting a lot of use out of him as a protector.  To me, this card is very much an equal to Kulvo for the alliance which we reviewed a few days ago.  All-in-all a good card.


Sealed:             3.5

Constructed:     4.0

Casual:             4.0

Raid:                            2.0

turkeyspit One-Thousand Battles

This is an interesting card, as it can be devastating in some instances, and a complete waste of time in another.

On it's own, it has incredible stats for the cost, and it's an effective protector. The only problem is that your opponent gets to decide on whether or not you can use it as a protector: they can opt to prevent you from attacking with it (making it as passive as Steelhorn) or they can force you to attack with it, thereby exhausting it, and preventing you from using it as a protector during your opponent's turn.

But wait a sec? He still has 3 ATK, right? So what if I'm forced to attack it?

Magni Bronzebeard
Grunt Baranka
Wraith Scythe

Are you seeing it? Your opponent can play his way around this card, provided they have the right cards on the field.

But does this mean the card is no good? No. It just makes it inconsistent.

In my opinion, this card is a solid protector. If you don't feel like paying the cost for Steepstrider or Earthguard, One-Thousand Battles offers a cheaper alternative.


4/5 - Protectors are good!

3/5 - There are a wide variety of Horde Protectors to choose from, and this one might work for you, depending on your deck and playstyle.

3/5 - see constructed

4/5 - Since your opponent will likely never force you to attack with it, you will get Steepstriders Health stat for only 3 cost. A bargain in my opinion!



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