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Kagella Shadowmark


Card Number - FOO-166

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.00
Constructed: 3.00
Casual: 3.75
Raid: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.20.0



Kagella seems good for a Horde rush deck. I’m pretty sure that she’ll get a +1 attack just for attacking and being exhausted herself. So once she gets to attack she’s a 2/3 for 2, and that’s if you don’t have any other exhausted dudes. Considering all the good Ferocious allies Horde has at 3-cost and more, Kagella could get pretty big if she’s not dealt with quickly.

Turn 1 Wazluk, turn 2 attack with Wazluk, play Kagella (at 2/3), turn 3 attack with Wazluk play Veshral attack with Veshral attack with Kagella (at 4/3), turn 4 Hippogryph etc…


Constructed 3.5/5

Sealed 2.5/5

Casual 4/5

Raid 1/5

Kagella Shadowmark (Horde)

2 cost, 1 ATK (Melee), 3 Health

Ally- Orc Rogue

Kagella Shadowmark has +1 ATK for each exhausted ally in your party.

Well now, thats different... normally, Rogues get bonuses for exhausted allies your OPPONENT controls, not you.  This one is kinda unique.  So, I think (Please, correct me if I"m wrong DarrisHellBinde@yahoo.com), that when SHE becomes exhausted due to attacking, she becomes a 2/3, assuming she is the only exhausted character you control.  Kagella has a potential to be a pretty big attacker.  I like her.

Sealed: 4/5  She's cheap, and can get really big when she attacks, and its all under your control.  :)

Constructed: 4/5 Again, she's cheap, and can get HUGE.  I like her. 

Casual: 4/5  She's very fun.  And part of that fun is trying to make her as huge as she can go. 

Raid: 3/5  I"m kinda torn here.  She can be great in a DPS deck, like a rogue, but you don't always want to go straight offense.  She is good here, but not great, and definitely not terrible.



Horde ally with stats of 2-1-3.  Effect: +1 attack for each exhausted ally in your party.  Not a bad card.  At 2 cost, if you summon it early, it can survive a hit from a Merry, but loses to Jeleane or Latro.   The cool part though is the pumping effect for which Kagella counts herself, so every time you attack with her, she gets the +1.  In the late game, if you’re running a rush horde deck, you might get 4 allies out there, attack with them, and if they survive, then attack with Kagella to get the bonus 5 for a total of 6 damage for a 2 drop.   Not bad.


Sealed:             3.0

Constructed:     3.5

Casual:             3.5

Raid:                            3.5

turkeyspit Kagella Shadowmark

This card comes so close to being good, it's painful. If only it came with 'Ferocity', this card would be seen in every Horde Rush deck out there. Unless you have some way of adding a Ferocity modifyer to this card (Goretooth or Hidden Enemies), it's effect just isn't all that helpful.

2/5 - High Health but low Attack, this card can at least kill off a Merry or Omerrta, and live to tell the tale.

1/5 - outside of an 'Orc' deck, I see no reason to run this card.

3/5 - an Orc/Goretooth deck looks like fun, and so this card could be a worthwhile addition.

1/5 - good luck keeping any allies on the field, much less exhausted ones.



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