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Hurlorn Battlechaser


Card Number - FOO-163

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.50
Constructed: 2.75
Casual: 3.00
Raid: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.19.0




This pumped up Taz’Dingo is a hero in sealed. The 2 damage is brutal, and having long-range means the opponent has to find an answer for him, or else he’ll start putting out even more free damage. Played right, Hurlorn should always be a 2-for-1 or better.

In constructed, I don’t know if he’ll see play, as there are already plenty of excellent 4-drops for Horde. In the control deck that I’d say he is best suited to, Hurlorn is competing with the monstrous Guardian Steppestrider and the ever efficient Thunderhead Hippogryph. Further, his 2 damage becomes less effective with the abundance of Untargetables.

Constructed 3/5

Sealed 5/5

Casual 4/5

Raid 3/5

Hurlorn Battlechaser (Horde)

4 cost, 2 ATK (Ranged), 1 health

Long- Range (Defenders deal no combat damage to this character.)

When Hurlorn Battlechaser enters play, he deals 2 damage to target hero or ally.

I'm kinda torn on this guy.  On the one side, he's direct damage for any Horde deck, and he has long range.  On the other hand, he's a 2/1 for 4.  This is very low stats for a 4 cost, and its hard for me to suggest playing him.  If he were an INSTANT ally, which he is not, I'd have better to say about him.  But in general, I think he's just too expensive.

Sealed: 4/5  In Sealed, you can get some good use out of this guy.  The format is naturally slower than constructed, and his ability to do 2 to an ally right off can make a huge difference in your game.

Constructed: 2/5  Its hard for me to suggest this guy over other allies of the same, or even lower, costs.  I'm sure he has is place, just not in my decks.  :)

Casual: 3/5  SLightly better than Constructed because he has long range, and thats fun.  :)

Raid: 1/5 Yeah, pretty much useless here.  Nuff said.



I Don’t know about this guy.  Stats are 4-2-1 with 2 effects.  Long-range, and deals 2 to target Hero or Ally when summoned.  The automatic 2 damage is nice and may get an ally out of the way, but then you’re left with a 2-1 ally.  It has long-range, but so what.  I don’t know why, but UDE seems to think that Long-Range is very powerful because they keep making allies with substandard stats, but which have long-range.  I don’t think it’s that powerful, especially in an ally with 1 health.  This one doesn’t have ferocity, so any damage card can kill it before it gets to attack, and it will take damage if it gets attacked.  If long-range applied to all combats, then yes, it would be powerful, but otherwise, I don’t know of any tourney winning decks that rely on long-range allies yet.


Sealed:             2.0

Constructed:     2.5

Casual:             2.0

Raid:                            2.5

turkeyspit Hurlorn Battlechaser

Long-Range is a great modifier in this game, and to balance out the effect, cards that have Long-Range often have very low stats.

Battlechaser is no exception, as his 2 ATK 1 Health is pretty skimpy for a 4 cost Ally. His effect however, more then makes up for low stats! Simply by entering play, he deals 2 Ranged damage to a target Hero or Ally!

2 is a magic number, because it kills off all the weenies (Teep, Greybeard, Omerrta, Waz'luk) as well as some of bigger nuisances like Parvink and Baranka.

After that, provided he lives, Hurlorn gets to attack for 2 Ranged Damage each turn, killing Protectors and damaging Heroes with abandon. Keeping him alive might be a problem, but since he should have already paid for himself by destroying an opponent's Ally with his effect, you in essence will break even!


3/5 - a bit low on stats, but since you likely have little Ability base removal, his effect can come in handy

3/5 - an interesting card, his effect can help out against alot of the rush decks out there. Just watch out for Alliance-Untargetables!

3/5 - have fun!

2/5 - while Watcher Mal'wi is a much better choice, this guy can at least take out a Minion/Whelp upon being summoned. He might also be able to land a killing blow on one of Molten Core's earlier bosses.



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