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Deacon Markus Hallow


Card Number - FOO-001

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.00
Constructed: 2.50
Casual: 3.50
Raid: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.09.0

Deacon Marcus Hallow (Alliance)

Hero- Human Priest (Shadow)

Herbalism, Alchemy

26 Health

6, Flip Deacon Marcus Hallow >> Gain control of target opposing ally if its controller has no cards in his hand.  Use only during your turn.

Sorry about not reviewing last week, folks.  I had a hectic week, and I'm still trying to pull it together.

We've got ourselves a fun little shadow priest here.  He can mind control one of your oppoanents allies if that player is dumb enough to let their hand fall to 0 cards.  Definetly not a raid priest, but can make for some interesting games, especially in casual play.  :)

Sealed: 3/5  Meh... he's a priest.  You may see less card draw in this format, so he could be pretty useful.

Constructed: 3/5  He's not an amazing priest, but he's not the worst of the bunch, either.  Being able to take control of one of your opponants allies, especially his bigger ones, can really put a crimp in his/her plans.

Casual: 4/5 This is where Deaon Marcus shines.  All kinds of weird fun stuff happens in casual, and this guy is fun.

Raid: 2/5  Not really that great.  Other Priests are better for a raid healer.
Holland Nationals

Hello there,

This is my first review as article writer/ card of the day writer. After winning my nats in Holland I wanted to take world of warcraft a lot more serious to prepare me more for the upcoming world championship. And a good begin is to read more and more cards to find maybe secret combo’s or other tricks.

But I will start with my first review.

Deacon Markus Hallow


















Herbalism, Alchemy

ATK Type


6, Flip Deacon Markus Hallow Gain control of target opposing ally if its controller has no cards in his hand. Use only on your turn.

An alliance shadow priest so it can use both the power of the low cost alliance allies like , apprentice merry, apprentice teep, jeleane nightbreeze, etc. but also the power of the discard.

The only problem is that full discard is not so good to play tournaments with  because of the high draw power quest. But this hero can also play on aggro. Soul rends and LEEROY JENKINS! Are pretty annoying and this combos nice with diplomacy to make everything cheaper and of course the best rush card shadowfiend.  But in mine opinion is the omedeus much better with a start of voss treebender and also the broan+shadowfiend combo on turn 4 (not to forget the flip of omedeus).  

The flip is pretty useless. It’s almost impossible to have the opponent discard everything and have 6 recourses left for your flip. When that happens your already in King Magni reach. The alliance then has drawn so many cards it’s almost over and against the horde you may get a Tewa if they don’t make it untargetable but this does not happens a lot.

In my opinion is Deacon a nice hero but it will never be a tier 1 deck. By playing phadalus/kana you have more draw power and more options (and the other priest, Anchorite Kalinna , is also a drainei so more draw power)  and if you want to play full agro is omedeus the better one.

If you want to contact you can mail me jeffreyverwoerd@hotmail.com for questions and suggestions.  

Sealed: 3/5
-if you draw the good cards it can be nice

Constructed: 2/5 
-the horde version is much better and the alliance drainei is better

Casual: 3/5
-just give him a try maybe it has some tricks in it

-Why play him of both the other priest are better in draw and rush, diplomacy can be nice but onyxia will eat it and all molten core heroes will blow it away.




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