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Card Number - TDP-128

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.00
Constructed: 3.00
Casual: 4.00
Raid: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 10.05.0


My FAVORITE card. This is the card that got me into my first top 8. I ran Litori with 3 Diplomacy, about 34 allies, and a lot of card drawing so I could just rush a ton of allies onto the field and overwhelm my opponent. Worked Great.

This is a human only 3 cost ability that says you pay 1 less to play allies to a minimum of 1. But how do you get the most out of it?

Well in Deck construction, I think you should play to rush your opponent with 1, 2, & 3 cost allies. This card will cut the cost of a 2-cost ally in ˝, and a 3-cost ally by 1/3. That is a huge savings over time. Once you drop Diplomacy, you need to summon 3 allies with cost 2 or more to break even with it, but that’s easy. I’ve found that opponents never want to blow up Chipper to destroy Diplomacy because they don’t see it as a threat, but that’s a mistake and here’s why.

In a control Litori deck on say on turn 5, you might play Parvink for 3, and then save 2 for counter-spell or a quest. But with Diplomacy, you can pay 2 to summon Parvink, pay 1 to play Jeleane for example, and still have 2 ready for counterspell. Now you’ve got an extra ally on the field and can protect them from say, chain lightning. In a control deck, you’d only get Parvink on the field, but with Diplomacy, you can get that extra attacker out there for the next turn which Parvink can protect.

When do you play it? I never play it on turn 3. In this game, you don’t want to miss an ally drop at all, so just drop a 3 out there on turn 3, then on turn 4 you can drop Diplomacy and have 1 left over for Jeleane or Latro, or any 1-cost ally.

AND- Here is an awesome combo. You can get more out of Shadowfiend as well. That’s the Priest only 2-cost 3-1 ally with ferocity that lets you ready a resource when it hits the opposing hero, and returns to your hand at the end of turn. In an Alliance Human Priest deck with Zenith, you can drop Diplomacy on turn 4, pay 1 to play Shadowfiend and hit the opposing hero, then ready that same resource and drop a 2-cost on the field for 1. That’s the ultimate combo in resource saving and the reason I saved this card for Friday. On turn 4, you’d save 1 when playing Shadowfiend, get 1 back when it hits, and save another 1 when you summon a 2-cost ally. That’s playing 3 cards on turn 4 that would otherwise have a total cost of 7 !!! Then do it again every turn after that.

At Worlds, I expect we’ll see a lot of Horde Priest Rush with Omedus. I think we can find a way to counter that with Alliance Priest Control with Diplomacy. You can get a lot of protectors out there with the control side of things, and still have Shadowfiend to attack with essentially for FREE with Diplomacy on the field, every time you hit the hero.

Good luck coming up with your own resource saving techniques to break the meta at Worlds. If you think of any more, PM me here on Pojo.
turkeyspit Diplomacy

Diplomacy is one of those cards that can inspire a decktype all on it's own.

The only thing that has kept Diplomacy from being used is it's requirement of a Human Hero. And yet, I'm amazed that I haven't seen (as yet) a Deacon Hallow build that abuses both Diplomacy and A Missing Diplomat (for Shadowfiend) and Manhunt with Mind Vision!

Being able to lower the cost of your Allies by 1 can make a huge impact, especially when you consider the fact that Parvink will only cost you 2, Chipper only 1, and good 'ol Leeroy comes in at a sweet cost of 3!

An Alliance Priest deck running Diplomacy is a ticking bomb in my opinion, and it's only a matter of time until someone Top 8's with it!


3/5 - it limits you to a Human Hero, but cheaper Allies are a goo thing.

3/5 - you build your deck around this card.

4/5 - you could give those higher cost Allies a try

1/5 - it just won't last long against ability removal.



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