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Hardpacked Snowball


Card Number - FWV-1

Card Rating:

Sealed: DNA
Constructed: 3.50
Casual: 5.00
Raid: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.05.0



Hardpacked Snowball

An excellent anti-solo card. Slamming this down on Gorebelly during his turn means he has to wait until your next turn to throw it back at you. During his turn he can attack, but then during his next turn you throw it back at him, and so on and so forth. So unless the solo player can destroy it, or throw it onto one of his own allies, they can only attack once every three turns (I think I’ve worked that out right…).

Its uses don’t stop at anti-solo though. This thing can shut down any big attacker/protector/Medoc for two turns at a time…basically everyone just got a winter version of Hammer of Justice.


Constructed 5/5

Casual 5/5

Raid 5/5

aka Warchief Thrall

Hardpacked Snowball

Instant Ability
Cost: 3

Attach to target hero or ally and exhaust it.
Ongoing: Attached character can't attack or protect and has "
Attach Hardpacked Snowball to target hero or ally and exhaust it."

This card has it’s ups and downsides. The upside  is that is an Instant Ability, and can save you that way for a turn.

The downside is that it can be used against you the next turn.

Sealed: N/A
Constructed: 2/5
Casual: 5/5
Raid: 2/5

Hardpacked Showball

3 cost Instant Ability

Attach to targer hero or ally and exhaust it.

Ongoing: Attached character can't attack or protect and has "Activate >> Attach Hardpacked Showball to target Hero or Ally and exhaust it."

BOOYA!  This card is crazy cool!  While it might not be totally game breaking, its extremely fun to just huck snowballs at each other.  That being said, this is a very solid card (Pun FULLY intended).  For a 3 cost instant ability that ANY class can use, you can lock out an ally or hero from combat for a turn.

Sealed:  Um... I have no idea if you can get this card in sealed, so I'm not going to rate it here.

Constructed: 3/5  If you are looking for a fun filler card to annoy your opponent, this can be it.

Casual: 5/5  Throwing snowballs is TOTALLY FUN!  They can add to your chances to win the game, but HAVING A SHOWBALL FIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER WILL BE HELLA FUN!!! :)

Raid: 1/5  Unfortunately, not so useful here as you can't zap a Hero (cuz there aren't any) and most allies won't really be worth throwing a snowball at.



YYYAAAAAYYY!  It’s Feast of Winterveil week here on Pojo.  Having been playing Wow online for only 1 month now (Lv 33 Mage) I haven’t had a chance to experience Winterveil online yet.  I hear its fun.  One of the fun cards is Hardpacked Snowball.


First thing about this set- It will be legal for the first day of World Championships.  It won’t be legal for last chance qualifiers on Thursday, but if you play that day and make it in, you will have to deal with this set on Friday.


For me this card is a solo hero stopper.  I plan to side 2 or 3 at worlds against solo decks.  When the opposing hero or ally declares an attack, you tap 3 and smack ‘em upside the head with a snowball.  That taps that character.  Next turn, the opponent has to make a decision, either use that hero or ally to attack, or tap it to throw the snowball at something else.  That way your snowball effectively stops that character from attacking twice.  The bad part is that they get to do it right back at you and stop one of your characters twice, provided that you throw the snowball back at them.


Fun card even though it is not removal, but a good way to try and slow down a solo deck.


Constructed:     3.5

Sealed:             Not possible.

Casual:             5.0

Raid:                4.0



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