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Card of the Day



Card Number - TDP-273

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.33
Constructed: 4.50
Casual: 4.33
Raid: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.22.0




Rogues sure got some nice treats this set. A cheap Dagger with cheap swing and an effect to boot. The nice in-built Vanquish means you will actually get some use out of the other weapons in your hand, and gives you something to respond with when they try kill the striker.

Constructed 5/5

Casual 5/5

Sealed 5/5

Raid 1/5


Weapon- Dagger, Melee (1)
Classes: Rogue, Warrior
2 cost, 1 strike, 2 ATK (Melee)
5, Destroy Felstriker >>> Destroy target ally.

Well. This is a neat little card. Its cheap to play and attack with, and you can sac it to flat out whack an Ally. You could easily sacrifice your Felstriker and replace it with the oh- so- popular Krol Blade. On the whole, I like Felstriker. I don't really have much more to say about it. :)

Sealed: 3/5 you may find better weapons, but here, its cheap and easy to use if you are playing a Rogue or Warrior deck. or, you just draft it cuz its Epic.... :)

Constructed: 4/5 I've seen a few pretty mean Rogue decks that would like this card much. Its cheaper than a Krol Blad (if only slightly), and it does what rogues do best. Kill Allies.

Casual: 3/5 Here, it may be a bit less useful. In Casual, you are likely to come across several no- Ally decks, or with very few Ally cards. Still its a cheap weapon. :)

Raid (Onyxia) 2/5 Here, you will probably want to play something better in a Rogue or Warrior deck. Its not worth 5 and sac to kill 1 whelp.
W.A.Y.S. Felstriker is the weapon in our arsenal. Let's start with the cost. The cost is pretty standard for a dagger. It has also has a standard dagger attack of two. The strike is a nice one resource. This makes the stats above average.
The one strike cost makes for some quick, early damage against your opponent.

Now onto the main reason for the card's review. You can pay 5 and destroy felstriker to destroy an ally. The 5 cost is one more than the neutral ability Vanquish which isn't too bad, considering the fact that can do damage with Felstriker before using its secondary effect. Very nice indeed.

Sealed, Constructed, Casual, Raid: 4.5 out of 5 - A good, quick, solid dagger in its own right, but the added ability to destroy an ally adds to its versatility. The ability cost could cheaper. Still good though.



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