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Card of the Day

Queen Sylvanas Windrunner


Card Number - TDP-229

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.80
Constructed: 3.83
Casual: 4.17
Raid: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.02.0


aka Warchief Thrall

Queen Sylvanas Windrunner





Health: 7


Other Undead heroes and allies in your party can't be destroyed


This one is good, and I mean really good, well in a Undead deck of course.

Combine her with a couple of undead protectors like Meatwall and Ophelia Barrows, and you rule the game.


Sealed: 3/5
Constructed: 5/5
Casual: 4/5
Raid: 3/5

See you on the Battlefield

Red Comet Queen Sylvanas Windrunner

One of the new Racial leaders, Sylvanas is a bit pricey but has an effect that somewhat justifies the cost.

The catch is while all OTHER undead hero/allies can't be destroyed she can. This leaves you wasting a lot of resources to keep her alive otherwise it's completely possible that you'll lose a huge chunk of your field. Her health is rather high but considering her effect she'll be a primary target more often than not.

Sealed: 2/5

She's very unstable in sealed. If you get a lot of undead cards she could be worth it but odds are that won't happen

Raid: 1/5

odds are you'll never get her out as you'll be spending resources on abilities and weapons.
Queen Sylvanas Windrunner (Horde)

Ally- Undead Banshee Ranger (Unique)

9 cost, 5 attack (melee), 7 Health

Other Undead heroes and allies in your party can’t be destroyed.

I’m not so sure about the Queen here. She is a 5/7 for 9, which is, at least in my opinion, mediocre. However, her ability could come in handy, if you plan on playing a deck with a lot of Undead allies in it, and/ or if you are playing an Undead hero.

In short, while she is alive, all other Undead in your party (including your hero) can’t die. This means that you can’t lose the game. Unless I’m mistaken, this means you can’t lose the game from DAMAGE, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

In constructed, it may be difficult to get her into play and keep her there. 7 health is hard to get past, but an Intercept followed by an Execute can drop her easily. In Casual play, she may stand a little more chance, but not much. Where she shines, from my perspective, is in a Raid deck.

Say you hit Ony stage 3. Late game, and she has 20 resources, she uses her “Destroy all opposing Heroes” ability. If you have the Queen in play, you survive. She has a better chance of surviving in a Raid game, as the Onyxia player has multiple targets to chose from when she wants to kill something. In one on one, she is likely to get smacked hard, but in Raid multiplayer style, she’s a lot closer to being ‘safe’.

Constructed 2/5 (to costly, to easy to kill)
Casual 3/5 (Less serious competition, only slightly more likely to survive)
Raid 4/5 (If you are playing an undead, it wouldn’t hurt to run 1 or 2 of Queen here.)

We continue on in Undead Week with Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, one of the epic Horde allies that came out of TDP.

Queen Sylvanas Windrunner
Horde/Undead Banshee Ranger/Unique
Cost: 9
Attack: 5
Health: 7
Effect: Other Undead heroes and allies in your party cannot be destroyed.

She's big, she's bad, and she's not as good as you might think.

Yeah, there are the combinations with Wormwood, and yeah, she makes for quite the powerful Ophelia Barrows, and heavens forbid your opponent has to stare down both a Sylvanas and a Plagueborn Meatwall, but therein lies the problem...for her effect to really shine, she has to be on the field with other Undead. Making your Undead hero (presuming you're running the UD
Priest/Mage/Warlock) invulnerable to being destroyed really isn't that good.
Obviously you're still going to take damage, and the moment you take fatal damage, wiping Sylvanas off the map is all that needs to be done to win.
Vanquish anyone?

Horde still don't have the gamebreaking epic allies that the Alliance has, and even though Sylvanas is a step up, she's no Lord Grayson or King Magni.

She's obviously more fun in casual play, where cool combinations are more likely to hit it off. She's a control-oriented ally in a format controlled by curve-based rush decks like Hunter or Shaman and, based on Austin's Darkmoon Faire, solo warrior builds. Until someone manages a Pagatha build utilizing Sylvanas, I fear she'll be placed on the sidelines for a long, long time.

Sealed: 3/5 -- Unless you manage to nab a lot of Undead, what's the point?
Constructed: 3/5 -- She's not one of those gamebreakers that makes your opponent flustered to see her hit the field, and especially not for a 9-drop.
Casual: 4/5 -- You can pull off more combos with other Undead in casual play, which is Sylvanas' strong point.
Raid: 2/5 -- There are much better uses for 9 resources against Onyxia.
W.A.Y.S. It is good to be the king... err queen. Sylvanas is the straight junk. Her ability makes many undead allies like Wormwood, Ophelia Barrows, and Plagueborn Meatwall completely insane. Probably the only down fall of Sylvanas is her cost to stat ratio. A 9 cost ally for 5 attack and 7 health isn't so great, but if you get her out the advantage you gain can increase exponentially.

Sylvanas isn't really all that splashable either. She doens't really do much in a non-undead deck. So if you run a lot of undead allies/heroes and you can keep Sylvanas alive, you'll be glad you did.

Sealed: 2.5 out of 5 - She'd be really good if your lucky enough to get a bunch of undead allies or an undead hero to go along with her, but if you don't she'll just slow you down.

Constructed: 5 out of 5 - To keep my Undead allies alive or not to? This is a tough one.

Casual: 5 out of 5

Raid: 4 out of 5 - She's vulnerable, but if you keep her alive Onyxia is owned.

A goony goo goo

- W.A.Y.S.

Queen Sylvanas

We already did this one...she creates a really hard to beat lockdown combined with Wormwood.

Constructed 5/5
Sealed 3/5
Casual 5/5
Raid 4/5



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