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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

Bulkas Wildhorn


Card Number - TDP-12

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.33
Constructed: 3.33
Casual: 3.33
Raid: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.18.0


aka Warchief Thrall
Bulkas Wildhorn
Health: 31

3, Flip Bulkas Wildhorn Destroy target ally with damage on it. Use only on your turn.

Look at the health of this guy, it’s amazing. Combine it with the warrior/horde/tauren support and you can imagine how dreadfully good this card is.

Even it’s effect is useful, destroying a big ally with some damage on it is very nice.

Sealed: 5/5
Constructed: 5/5
Casual: 5/5
Raid: 3/5

See you on the Battlefield
Red Comet Bulkas Wildhorn

I have this friend let's call him Cookiemus Prime( CP for short) . CP likes this card because it has ONE MORE HEALTH than the other warriors currently available.

CP ignores the awful ability and it's unfair cost. He also ignores the fact that if an ally has damage it's most likely dead long before you'll want to pay for the flip.

All because of that one health.

Don't be a Cookiemus Prime kids don't use Bulkas Wildhorn.

Due to his HP I begrudgingly give Bulkas Wildhorn a 2 across the board instead of 1.Also his name reminds me of the Bully from Power Rangers . . .




Tauren Week comes to an end today.

How do you hide a Tauren in a cherry tree? Paint his hooves red!!!

Bulkas Wildhorn (Horde)

Hero- Tauren Warrior (Fury), Herbalism/ Alchemy, 31 Health

3, Flip: Destry target ally with damage on it. Use only on your turn.

Well... this guy is pretty interesting. I like warriors, personally. And I like Execute... this guy can effectivly be the 5th execute in a deck. Being able to just randomly pick off an Ally with damage on it can be fun. Unfortunatly, there isn't really much to say about this guy. He's pretty straight forward. No tricks, no frills, no bells and whistles. Just up and lop a damaged ally's head off. Kick a guy while he's down. Or, stomp him in this case, I guess.

Sealed: 3/5 If you can pull some good warrior cards, he can be quite effective at getting rid of that one annoying ally your opponant keeps trying to smack you with.

Constructed: 3/5 Same thing here... if you like Execute enough to run 4 of it like me, you'll use this guy with it to make a 5th where there shouldn't be one. :)

Casual: 3/5 Again, the same. He's solid in all the of these formats. Not amazing, but far from terrible.

Raid (Onyxia): 1/5 Here is where he sucks. Badly. All allies in Ony have 1 health anyway, so his ability is useless. Play him only if you want to run some of the other cards mentioned this week and you happen to be tanking for your raid. Otherwise, use another hero here.



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