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Card of the Day


Card Number - 343/361

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.00
Constructed: 3.00
Raid: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.9.0


aka Warchief Thrall




While there are more allies in an opponent's party than in yours, pay (3) to complete this quest. <p> Reward: Draw two cards.

Hello again, to this COTD review.

Today we will counter the opponent with his own advantage by going on this quest.

To be blunt about it, I don’t like cards when you have to rely on your opponent.
Sure, there will be moments when he/she has more allies out then you do, and drawing 2 cards is always a good thing, but this card is to situational for my tast.

But if you’re trying a Horde deck with few Allies in it, or has a high rate of using cards, be sure to try this one.

Constructed 2/5: Relying on you’re is risky, but it can be worth it.
Artwork 2/5: Nothing special about this one

See you on the Battlefield

Warchief Thrall 



 “While there are more allies in an opponent’s party then in yours pay 3 to complete this quest. Draw 2 cards.”

As far as horde quests go this card sits at a firm 3rd spot in my books only outshined by For the Horde and Torek’s Assault. In a faction that is very low on card drawing this is a very welcome quest. The only real drawback is that you have to first be at a disadvantage to use it. Unlike its brother on the alliance side that allows you to draw 2 cards when you have 4 allies in play this is the opposite… My only real question for the game designers is why did it end up costing 3 to complete it and not 1?

Sealed: I’m going to say you’re a really happy camper if you see this in sealed, sealed games go back and forth and you will eventually find yourself with fewer allies in which case you can use it.

Constructed: With the decks being run right now I’m going to say it’s a great card but it’s not something everyone should play, I don’t run any in my hunter deck and I don’t run any in my Shaman deck. But with horde getting a paladin I can see horde paladins warming up to counterattack. If you’re playing very few allies it’s an awesome card but if you’re playing a lot your better off going with easier quests to complete that does not require you to be losing.

Raid: The only reason I’m not giving this card a 5 in raid is that you might run into a dragon that is not playing with any of the whelp cards… I personally splash whelp cards in my Dragon deck but they don’t have to be used and if I’m facing a bunch of horde players and they have 2-3 counterattacks face up I’m not going to give them the chance to play them. Another downside to the card is dragons are almost expecting it out of some classes. When I see a warrior facing off against me the first thing I’m thinking is shouts, armor and counterattack.

Sealed: 4.00
Constructed: 4.00
Raid: 4.5



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