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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

Searing Totem


Card Number - 116/361

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.17
Constructed: 4.50
Casual: 4.17
Raid: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.29.0


aka Warchief Thrall
Searing Totem
Instant Ability
Cost: 2
Restriction: Shaman
Health: 1

Totem (Can be attacked or targeted like an ally.)
Ongoing: At the start of each turn, Searing Totem deals 1 fire damage to target hero or ally.

I personally think this is the best card we reviewed this week, and that says a lot about the other cards.

This card can be useful, it will almost anytime do 2 damage, but then it usually is over, because it can be attacked like an ally. So if you play this card, be sure to have some protectors out, that can keep this Totem in one piece.

Sealed: 2/5
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 3/5
See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall
Paschendale Searing Totem
Cost 2
Instant Ability – Elemental Fire Totem (1)
Totem (can be attacked or targeted like an ally)
Ongoing: At the start of each turn, Searing Totem deals 1 damage to target hero or ally.

This is one of those cards that will almost always be present in the shaman deck and probably will be present for many years to come. Those who play it love it and those who face it hate it. It is the solution to weenie rush and can cripple the rush if played correctly.

I don’t like giving 5 ratings to cards but this card deserves it. A shaman has many tools in his arsenal and this is simple effective. What makes this card so effective? Well let’s take a look at all its wonderful abilities. First off it’s an instant so you can play it end of turn and then strike at an opponents ally at the beginning on your turn. Secondly you’re only paying 2 for it and if you play with the elemental talent then you’re only paying 1 for it. Thirdly you can protect it and it stays in play till it is destroyed. I don’t know how many times the totem has killed an ally then forced my opponent to take it down instead of striking my hero. It can be a constant nuisance for an opponent and that’s why you should play it.

Sealed (5): If you land one or two of these in any sealed format you’re doing well for yourself, weenie allies are half this format and anything that can deal damage and stay in play is awesome.
Constructed (5): The Shaman solution to the weenie rush, this card has many purposes and when combined with + damage armor and lowering its cost you get a very solid support card.
Casual (4): It’s a solid card what solves a lot of problems and has a place in almost all shaman decks fun or competitive.
Raid (2): Not a strong card against the dragon, pinging Onyxia for 1 a turn is no big deal and if there is 1 whelp there are many whelps and knocking down just one wont do you much good.
Lazy Peon (5): This is a staple in shaman lazy peon if you’re not playing with 3 you’re playing with 4. Lazy peon almost 50% 1-2 hp allies so this is a solution to a lot of them in a ongoing presence on the table.

By: Paschendale
“Tell the tale of Paschendale” – Bruce D.
Ca$hflow Friday
Searing Totem (Shaman Ability)
Cost 2
Ability: Totem (Can be attacked or targeted like an ally.)
Ongoing: At the start of each turn, Searing Totem deals 1 fire damage to target hero or ally.

This is the BEST COTD we've had in awhile. Absolutely play this card every time you get the chance to. Every turn you deal damage with this ability, and oh yeah, your opponent can't attack it. So unless they have other plans, you're gonna be able to impact the game heavily when playing this card. Like I said, play this every opportunity you get. This is the best of the 4 Totems so i would advise having 4 in your deck.
Sealed: 5/5
Constructed: 5/5
Casual: 5/5
Raid: 5/5, kills a whelp every turn and allows friendly allies and heroes to take shots at Onyxia
"If it ain't Ca$hflow, then it's not what it seems"

Fridays Are GREAT and so is todays card! ... Searing Totem! a staple among the shaman cards kills weenies like they are nothing ....deals damage to their hero when there is nothing better to do best of all cost only 2 to play that is amazing...I love this card. if you play a shaman deck you better play at least 2 if not 4. the best totem by far.


Constructed: 5/5

Casual: 5/5

Raid:5/5(every turn!)

Your friendly Neighbor-HOOD *Spydaman* a.k.a. I'm Wassup
Sovelin Searing Totem
Shaman Instant Ability
Cost: 2
Ongoing: At the start of each turn, Searing Totem deals 1 fire damage to target hero or ally.

Today we are reviewing the card everyone hates to see on turn two.
Searing Totem is a devastating way to start the game. It's capable of wiping out 60-80% of all Hunter allies in one shot. This card can wreck anyone's gameplan unless it is taken out and fast. And with a measly cost of two, chances are you'll be seeing it right away. And once you manage to destroy it, you'll probably be seeing it again. As far as the totem's go, this is tied for my favorite (earthbind wrecks stall decks). It's a definite 4-of in any Shaman build (especially the upcoming Alliance hero). The best part about it is that it is an uncommon, meaning it is playable in the Lazy Peon format. An excellent way to control the field.

Sealed: 5/5 (Run every one that you pull. This card alone may win you the match.)

Constructed: 3.7/5 (Excellent against Hunter, decent against everything else. It's really only good early in the game.)

Casual: 4/5 (It's a lot of fun, but definitely try out some of the other

Raid: 3.5/5 (Ping Onyxia for 1 dmg at the start of each players turn.
By the time it reaches Onyxia, you've already done at least 4 damage, up to 6 damage. Very good way to start the game.)

Lazy Peon: 4.5/5 (With so many 1-health commons and uncommons, it'd be dumb not to run this.)

Fredrik Garnvall

WoW TCG Player / Judge Lv1
Sweden :-)

Searing Totem

Behold, the aggro-eating totem! The concept of control is written all over it.

This burning piece of wood is extremely good against heavy aggro allies with minimal health. Doing 1 damage to something at the start of each turn makes it very useful, giving you a good source of damage for just 2 resources. It is one the Shamans most effective cards if kept alive.
I’ve been testing four of these in my Shaman Deck for some time now, and I must say, they are better than I first thought they were. It may be able to smash with allies or blown away with abilites, but if you can keep it alive, it will slowly eat your opponents smaller allies. This card looses power against larger allies, who can survive a few turns of pain and stomp this deep into the ground...

It also eats Onyxia’s whelps, so it is a fine card to place in a PvE Shaman Deck. It might even pull one of Onyxias attacks...

Constructed: 4.5/5
Sealed: 3/5
Casual: 4/5
Raid: 4/5



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