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Card of the Day

Retribution Aura


Card Number - 71/361

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.25
Constructed: 2.38
Casual: 3.25
Raid: 1.12

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.23.0


aka Warchief Thrall
Retribution Aura
Cost: 5
Restriction: Paladin
Ongoing: When a hero or ally in your party is dealt combat damage, it deals 1 holy damage to the source of that combat damage.

And to close the week, we have a card to might, but probably won’t see that much action in tournaments.

It’s always nice to do a extra damage when you’re attacked, but it doesn’t protect you in the long run.

At the start of the game, the smaller ally usually haven’t got that much health so they die rather quickly, and in mid or end game, you can use the resources better to play the really good allies or ability’s.

Card Rating: 2/5
Sealed: 3/5
Constructed: 2/5
Casual: 3/5

See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall

Retribution Aura

Cost 5


Ability – Retribution Aura (1)

Ongoing: When a hero or ally in your party is dealt combat damage it deals 1 holy damage to the source of tat combat damage.


At the end of this week we have a card which I have very mixed emotions about and we will look at these mixed emotions…


The Good: This card is strait up weenie removal. Anything with a low HP is going take a dirt nap attacking your hero. You can gain the benefits of Saphron Drape and increase this damage to 2 and really give it to your opponents. The great thing is this also applies to your allies. Whenever they are getting hit they get to hit back, this can be cool with allies like Crazy Igvand who has no attack.


The Bad: This card costs 5 and if your dealing with a weenie rush deck turn 5 is a rough turn to throw up a defense for it. Another bad thing is that you must first take damage to deal damage and a lot of the paladin abilities deal with preventing and stopping damage in its tracks, so you have very few opportunities to use this ability. Paladin decks also run very few allies, so you not going to get that chance to benefit from your allies dealing more damage when getting hit.


I don’t like playing from a poor position and this card requires you to play from one. Offense is rewarded in this game and this is far too defensively minded to see any real serious constructed play. You’re paying 5 for a card that only really slightly punishes small allies for hitting you. And the fact that you can only have one copy of it out is hindering the card a lot. I understand you can only have 1 Aura in effect at a time in the game but it would be nice to maybe be able to play 2-3 of these… Oh and reducing the cost might increase its playability…   I don’t know if you all keep up with the UDE web site but TRAPS are looking rather disgusting and I think Auras should have worked the same way.


Sealed (2): The thing that sucks about this card was it was a starter paladin card so if you got the starter to play with you always had this card and I never saw it getting much play.

Constructed (1): In a very tight Paladin deck every card has a very specific job and this card does not fill any of those jobs. With any luck the retribution talent will make retribution abilities better.

Casual (2): You can play with this if you like but you’re going to find it hard putting this out on turn 5 when you could have dropped something more productive all around. Heck even blessing of wisdom would have been a better play turn 5.

Raid (1): Again suffering from dragon removal this card is great in theory but will be removed in a flash of anger and fire. People will argue it deals with whelps but there are about 100 better ways to deal with whelps. And it only really deals with the whelps attacking you…   I think this card should have read “When a friendly hero or ally is dealt combat damage…” Then it might see play in raid format.

Red Comet 3/23/2007

Retribution Aura

This is what it boils down to :

You or an ally get hit for X the attacker takes ONE.

In some cases that might be enough but most of the time you're on the losing end of this particular situation.

Protection Aura is better all around since preventing one damage can mean a lot more than dealing one damage.

Card Rating:

Sealed: 1/5

There's a better card out there than this and for the same cost. It's called Divine Shield.

Constructed: 2/5

I can see some uses for this card but right now there's not enough to warrant a main deck

Casual: 4/5

In multi player I believe this card encompasses your entire team. If so it's far better and draws ability destruction away from more important targets.

Raid: 1/5

It'll kill whelps. Mind you sneezing kills whelps.
Fredrik Garnvall
WoW TCG Player / Judge Lv1
Sweden :-)
Retribution Aura

Here’s another card from our paladin friends. Today it is Retribution Aura, which strikes back in force if hit on. It costs 5 resources to cast, which might sound much. But when you look at what it does, you’ll be more then happy to play it for that cost.

When a hero/ally in your party gets damaged in combat, they automatically strikes back with 1 holy damage. This will completly destroy the concept of an opposing Weenie-Rush-Deck. With allies around 1-2 Health, they won’t last long against this Aura. But since this card costs 5 to get to play, they will have plenty of time to at least deal some resonable damage to you.
Also, this works great for the aggressive Paladin-Decks out there. If you attack an opposing ally, chances are very high that they will hit back. And this is were Retribution Aura also triggers. You might say that this card adds 1 holy damage to your favor when battling opposing allies. Chances of an opposing hero dealing damage back at you when attacking it is quite rare.

Constructed: 4.5/5
Sealed: 3/5
Casual: 4/5
Raid: 1.5/5



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