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Card Number - 29/361

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.40
Constructed: 2.40
Casual: 3.00
Raid: 1.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.22.0


aka Warchief Thrall

Predatory Strikes


Cost: 1

Restriction: Druid – Feral Hero Required

Feral Hero Required.
Ongoing: While your hero is in bear form or cat form, it has +2 ATK while attacking.

Well the only downside I see about this card, is that you have to have a Feral Hero, so for now you can only use it with Thangal.

But if you play Thangal, be sure to include four copies of this card, because a +2 while attacking for only 1 resource to put it in play is cheap.

Card Rating: 4/5

Sealed: 4/5

Constructed: 5/5

Casual: 5/5


See you on the Battlefield

Warchief Thrall


Predatory Strikes

Cost 1


Ability – Feral Talent

Feral Hero Required

Ongoing: While your hero is in Bear form or cat form, it has +2 ATK while attacking.


OK today we look at the Feral Druid Talent. Now I like a lot of the talents because they really shape the way that the specific hero can play. The big problem I have with the talents is that once you see the card hit the table you kind of have an idea as to what your opponent is playing.


OK let’s take a look at the card now. Great cost and solid ability for 1 cost. I like to look at this cad as DOT (damage over time) because chances are once your Hero is in Bear form he will be swinging for the 2 every single turn. Another great quality of the card is that you can stack it so you can have 4 in play and be doing 8 damage a turn with just your hero.


Ok now the down side of all of this…   First off if you are pulled out of the Bear/Cat form for any reason then your hero swings for nothing…   Any large amount of ability removal will totally disrupt the deck your trying to play and Predatory Strike will be the first thing ability removal targets. The greatest detriment to this card is its dependency on Bear/Cat form. There is also the fact that almost all of the top tier druid cards are not feral and if you play a non-feral ability while in Bear/Cat form you’re pulled out of it and you lose the effect of this card.


Sealed (2): If I was playing Druid it would be an OK pull but would depend on me drawing the ability to turn into a bear and that’s a gamble.

Constructed (2): The bear deck is intensive on cards and the druid lacks big armor and the cards to survive an early rush making the deck hard to play.

Casual (4): Predatory Strikes is an awesome Bear card to play in a fun deck with friends, bears and potentially cats in the future should be very fun to play with. This is just one fo those cards that just gets better in a fun format rather than a competitive one.

Raid (2): This card suffers like most ongoing effects in the fact that it will not be ongoing for very long with all the removal Onyxia has.

Sovelin Predatory Strikes
Druid Ability
Cost: 1
Feral Hero Required
Ongoing: While your hero is in bear form or cat form, it has +2 ATK while attacking.

At the moment this card pretty much sucks. there isn't really a reason to go to bear form. Also, this card requires you to already be in bear form, which is a major downside to this card. And this would probably be the first card your opponent destroys.

There isn't a cat form in this set, but in the next set there will be.
Cat form gives you a +1 attack to start with, and an additional +2 (don't forget these stack) would be very nice. So far now, don't bother with this card. Wait for the next set.

1/5 All
Red Comet Predatory Strikes

Since I have no idea what cat form will do as of this date I've no choice but to ignore that particular piece of text.

+2 to a bear form Feral type Druid sounds nice but it's not worth it. The down side to this card is the text "while attacking". That

means the modifier is worthless when you're on the defensive or protecting. It can stack though so I guess that's one thing this card has going for it.

Card Rating-

Sealed: 3/5

Not bad in sealed since it's low cost. if you have the bear form handy give it a shot

Constructed: 1/5

There are other abilities that give slightly better buffs and several allies as well( particularly in the horde)

Casual: 1/5

See Constructed


Odds are Onyxia will destroy the ability before you get much use out of it.

Fredrik Garnvall

WoW TCG Player / Judge Lv1
Sweden :-)

Predatory Strikes

This card is only for the Feral Druid-deck. For a tiny cost of one, you give your druid +2 ATK while attacking in bear/cat form. It’s ongoing, and without restriction, which means that you can drop a few of these onto the table at the same time.

That’s what you can call feral. Your hero will gain a great offensive power, and that without strike costs. This might work in constructed, if you manage to create a fast and aggressive deck which focus on your druid to be the damage dealer. The costs on feral cards are quite low, so you won’t be needing a large pool of resources to make use of them. Though, in Sealed or Raid, this card is almost worthless, since it requires the Bear/Cat Form.
At the moment we only have Bear Form which works with this. I wonder what Cat form would be like... surely some ATK-modifier, which only improves this card’s potential.

Constructed: 3/5
Sealed: 1.5/5
Casual: 4/5
Raid: 1/5



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